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  1. Yes, just explain in the reason why you're requesting it that your clinical requires contact with patients of all ages/backgrounds. Once it's completed you'll get a pdf in your email with your personal serial number to unlock the vulnerable sector results on mybackcheck (you don't have to go into the station).
  2. You can get it through mybackcheck and if Western is registered on it you can select them to send the results directly to them. Or just email the results. I’ve used mybackcheck several times.
  3. Yes in terms of competitive ranking, but if someone gets a 5 for example on the DAT, why would they rank their GPA for an interview? DAT scores came out today and Dal released interview invites.
  4. I assume that they still have cut-offs for DAT scores before they consider GPAs for interviews. But I have no idea how they are weighing the MDT.
  5. Did your courses fulfill the microbiology and physiology prerequisite requirements?
  6. I have never attended UofT; however, for Dalhousie you can pick any course designated writing (or essay at some universities). You can check the Transfer Credit Equivalencies table https://dalonline.dal.ca/PROD/fyskeqiv.P_TransEquiv. Choose a course that interests you, but I would recommend taking a basic composition course as it's extremely useful for both academic and nonacademic settings.
  7. We can see the status through the application on Dal Online. It does not offer any advantage to be able to check the status though as Dentistry does not use Dal Online to track information.
  8. In the January update email they said, "DAT Scores are due February 1 (unless you do the DAT in February – you would submit the results when available)."
  9. Would the release of February DAT results also contribute to the delay in Dal interview invites?
  10. The University of Alberta posted an update on changes to admissions for the fall 2020 term. The update applies to all UAlberta undergraduate and graduate programs. https://www.ualberta.ca/covid-19/updates/04/2020-04-06-changes-to-admissions-for-fall-2020.html
  11. We would have until May 30 to submit references, so yes I think they will still be required. It looks like it will be a little while yet according to last night's applicant update email .
  12. No, they would only need a syllabus if they had to evaluate equivalency. If you received permission from Jo-Anne then it's probably equivalent (otherwise she would request a syllabus before providing permission). Dalhousie has most other university's courses listed in their online Transfer Credit Equivalency Table.
  13. I know someone who received an email this week requesting something. It would be pretty easy for them to switch to video interviews since they already do panel interviews ... but who knows. Doesn't CASPer take a few weeks to score? A personal statement or something sounds like a good option.
  14. As of this week they were still reviewing files. They will likely need to decide what to do about interviews as they likely will not have in-person interviews (summer courses have moved to online and there will not be in-person courses until at least the fall). Dal medicine decisions are delayed until April.
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