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  1. I recently talked to someone from CIBC and they quoted me 300k at prime+1%. They will have to see that there are funds to pay for the remaining expenses not covered by the LOC, and a co-signer is needed. Do note that I asked this for US dental schools. Not sure if it is the same for Australian schools.
  2. Yup! The letter says that email is acceptable.
  3. On their website, it says that the deposit is due in 4 weeks after acceptance. So, I'm guessing that we may start seeing movement in a month or so
  4. Hi! That's pretty much the requirement. I just made sure that it didn't go over the max pages and sent as PDF. I sent it as PDF because it made sure that the formatting doesn't mess up. (For example - changing it to 3 pages when it was originally 2 pages.). Hope this helps a bit!
  5. It felt really weird...didn't feel too happy about it. But oh well! Does anyone know if we should be receiving a confirmation email after the interview?
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