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  1. Seeing as decisions will likely come out any day now, thought I should start this post. Good luck everyone! Result: GPA: DAT: ABS: Interview:
  2. Someone in our discord group chat called Atlantic Bridge today and a few people confirmed with them that no offers have been released yet. They said first round won’t be coming out until at least mid-late march. Maybe you/the person who emailed you got the program mixed up?
  3. Let’s try and keep it positive y’all Who knows, we could end up being in the same dental class. Good luck to everyone tomorrow!
  4. I feel like it went well. My interviewers were super friendly and I felt like I really connected with them which helped ease the tension.
  5. Western requires full credits for two years, but they don’t necessarily have to be your last two! I’m pretty sure you can use any two years. And western places lower emphasis on GPA, so that could potentially be a good option for you.
  6. I'm pretty sure they'll come out on Friday the 26th. Last year it was Friday the 28th, and they also said "by March 1st."
  7. That’s what I heard last year, I’m not totally sure Yeah I’m not sure tbh, sorry I can’t be more helpful! Just what I was told.
  8. That was before they added in essays and Casper, which made the process take an extra week
  9. It’ll probably be Friday the 26th. They said by March 1st last year as well and then it came out Friday the 28th, so I’m guessing they may do the same Friday
  10. TIMESTAMP: 11:19 am GPA: 3.97 DAT SCORE: 22AA, 23RC, 21PAT YEAR OF STUDY: Undergrad completed IP/OOP: IP Interview Offer: Invited!
  11. I sent my interview acceptance on Friday and received confirmation this morning. You have until the 25th to accept the invite, so you should receive a response soon!
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