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  1. Hey everyone! Just in case anyone missed it, I made a group chat for people accepted into UofT OT! If you wanna be added, feel free to dm me on here with your Facebook name
  2. Hey everyone! I was accepted into UofT OT and waitlisted at Western OT this cycle and I just wanted to hear some of your opinions on why you chose OT! I had originally been aiming for dental school (and had two interviews but was ultimately rejected), so now I'm faced with the dilemma of potentially reapplying to dentistry next year or accepting my OT offer. This was my second year applying to dental school, and reapplying would mean retaking the dental exam, taking 4 difficult courses so that I can apply to the US, and facing another year of stress and unknowns. To be perfectly ho
  3. I emailed them and they told me my relative position! You’re either in the upper, middle, or bottom third
  4. I got waitlisted at western, my sGPA is 3.99! I emailed and was told I’m in the middle third planning to accept my UofT offer though!
  5. If you wanna be added to a UofT OT group chat, message me on here with your Facebook name
  6. I posted earlier but thought I’d add more info for future applicants! Applied: UofT, western, queens (all OT) Accepted: UofT (St George campus) Waitlisted: Western (does anyone know if they’ll tell us where we are on the waitlist?) Rejected: Queen’s sGPA: 3.99, cGPA: 3.95 Extracurriculars: I had lots of experiences (I.e. a research internship at SickKids, a published poster, volunteering with the elderly, children, crisis helplines, and a bunch more) but nothing really OT related as I had been initially focused on going into dentistry I will most likely be acce
  7. Accepted into UofT OT!! Waitlisted at Western ("waitlist accepted" whatever that means??) and nothing yet from Queen's
  8. Is Tufts still Canadian university-friendly? I'm just confused, as it says international applicants must have completed a degree in the US.
  9. Seeing as decisions will likely come out any day now, thought I should start this post. Good luck everyone! Result: GPA: DAT: ABS: Interview:
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