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  1. I'm starting soon and I'd like to know where I should get my loan from. Moreover, what is the best interest rate that there is? Is there an advantage with going for one bank over another? I'm planning to go from one bank to another but I think it'd be smart to know what I should expect from them before I go. Also, does OSAP provide loans to dental students too? Are there any options other than banks? Maybe through the government?
  2. I’m almost certain that 30 spots have moved so far (i think it’s even more than that). Send an email to the admissions office and they will let you know the exact number. Good luck!!
  3. Make sure you also learn from DAT Bootcamp 120ish page PDF (you can find it for free online). It has bio notes that were on 2019 November which Nicole's notes didn't include (i.e. biological secondary succession)
  4. When is the second deposit deadline and how much is it?
  5. I wonder how positive these news are for the people still on the waitlist. Movement of 20 sounds like a lot and I wonder if there will be more movement. Any idea how much the movement was around this time of last year? What about how many people got off the waitlist in total last year / the year before?
  6. Could it be possible that more waitlist movement could occur this year due to the nCoV? It has such a public and economic influence that I'd assume more applicants would be interested in medicine/research
  7. I just called UofT and they denied any waitlist ranking. This goes for OOP aswell. Go troll on another forum simps
  8. Thanks for letting us know. Out of curiosity, could you share why you would decline the offer?
  9. It must be because you're out of province. Are there any other OPP students who also got their waitlist rank?
  10. It's so dumb. I don't understand their objective for hiding the waitlist ranking. Now I have to spend all my summer taking summer courses and preparing to rewrite the DAT. Imagine burning yourself out and then getting an email in august that you got cleared off the waitlist and you will start school in a week. I don't want to go to dental school burnt out... Plus, we have to spend the next 6 months waiting for the coin to flip to find out if I'm in or not. If I knew i'm HWL, I would've dropped half my courses and I simply had to maintain a 3.3 avg instead of grinding out another spree of A+ ma
  11. I read previously that people were only able to know how much the waitlisted moved, not what their rank is. I'm a tad confused
  12. 3rd Year Biology 3.96 GPA 21AA/18PAT IP Anyone knows the deadline for med school acceptances? That would be a big catalyst to move the dental waitlist as students switch to the clearly inferior field
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