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  1. Thank you two so much! Maybe I’ll just update the network adapter on my okd laptop and rely on that. Best of luck to you too!
  2. I’ve been in similar shoes, but my gpa was higher, and got in this time after applying halfway through my masters. It was my first time ever applying and my MCAT was lower, but UofT doesnt care past the cutoffs. If you can get the wGPA then it would be good. Apply either way, you never know. And your third referee that you’re not confident in reminds me of 2 of my 3 referees, so i say go ahead. Best of luck!
  3. Hello! Any current U of T meds able to tell me whether the ipad pro will work for online testing sites? I am dreading have to buy a laptop just for taking tests. Please advise
  4. Thank you everyone for weighing in! I guess if I am a student/trainee stuck at a hospital where you can only type up notes, then I better be a fast typer. I am now considering enrolling in a typing course (if such a thing even exists) because I need rehab from years of using the wrong fingers (only 2-3 fingers lol) and hence not being able to relearn it the correct way as easily. If you have any tips, I'd be super grateful!
  5. I can only type a few sentences at a time because my fingers become fatigued. I never learned typing properly, and can't seem to change the way the I type. So during training in clerkship and residency, will I have to rely on typing while interviewing patients, or can I dictate verbally (I will likely implement this in my practice later on)? Edit to say: This is probably an odd post; I am only asking this to know if I need to figure out a way to relearn how to properly type using the correct digits or whether it is not a big deal. I can do 50 wpm, but get tired very fast. Thanks!
  6. Great. Hopefully Covid hasn't slowed down the manufacturing time. I was determined to pick up the ipad pro this month, and continue to use my 4.5 year-old PC, but now that you introduced the ipad air option to me, i might get that and a macbook air. Still debating between the two scenarios Any input is appreciated
  7. Good to know! Do you think it would be out by September?
  8. Fair enough, I appreciate the insight. Since family med is competitive, does that make it value research? I feel like I haven't heard of any family physicians in my area engaging in research.
  9. I'm very tempted to get teh 12.9 inch ipad pro for the interactive note taking during lectures. I find transcribing things by typing under a powerpoint slide to be least likely for me to want to study or memorize. However, because some exams are conducted online, I'd need a laptop for that. Tempted to buy both tbh.
  10. What specialties would you say place the least emphasis on research, both as an applicant, and as part of the residency program?
  11. I feel like small group stuff that normally takes place in a hospital will not be happening. They may have eluded to this in the webinar on monday. CBL can take place virtually, and even clinical skills that are about learning to listen to what the patient is saying. That said, I am sad that this will be the case, because I’ve been experiencing “Zoom fatigue” lately. It’s just such a burden to have meetings virtually rather than in person. I currently dread my zoom sessions. Anyone feel the same way? Hopefully this won’t be the case with med stuff.
  12. Thanks guys. In that case it's probably not worth the trip to the bank. I'd do it if it were no charge. Weird that they have to physically mail it, you'd think it'd be electronic by 2020.
  13. Curious about this too, so throwing out some speculations to get this post going. It seems that classes will probably be online, but I feel like CBL can happen with distancing and masks? Not sure about clinical skills stuff, but could be feasible if it's small groups too. I wonder if they will totally prohibit shadowing, or simply limit it, since clerks are being allowed back into hospitals.
  14. Sorry I'm new too, so don't have any answers for you. However, I am wondering about the importance of research in medical school. Is it a must, or are there other extracurriculars that one can become involved in to make a strong residency application?
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