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  1. Result: Admitted Pre-req GPA: 3.9 DAT: PAT 20, MDT 5 Feeling out of interview: felt I completely messed up 3 stations, others felt soso. Was convinced I won't get in IP Comments: I was holding my phone all morning but I didn't get a phone call so I was convinced I got rejected or waitlisted. But then it showed up in minerva... I was really surprised
  2. Hi! Please PM me if you are interested in practicing MMI with me over skype!
  3. TIME STAMP: 11:02 Result: Refused wGPA: 3.89 MCAT: 512 ECs: not too strong, last year ranked pretty low. Year: graduated bach of Sc Casper: Felt terrible afterwards but not sure IP/OOP/International: IP Letter of EC: No
  4. @jero123 I am so sorry Later they will send a link where you can request the ranking, they send you the ranking in May/June i believe
  5. @Hikki97 Hi! Last year I submitted my documents for IP and got an email saying they were not eligible and I need to submit other documents to prove my IP. So most likely if they don't think you are eligible they will contact you. You can always call to check why you are refused.
  6. Hi! Anyone in QC would like to practice interview for anglophone schools?
  7. Hi! I graduated from a 4 year degree program and currently taking a gap year. I am taking ENGL 211 with Athabasca as a non-program non-degree student, but I decided to not to apply for the school that required english. However I have passed 30 days add/drop period, so it will leave a "W" on my transcript. I had another "W" from a computer course I took on 4th year. Will a random withdrawal from athabasca university after my bachelor influence my chance? Thank you so much!
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