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  1. Heads up but PBL is part of Western's new curriculum! (the "Occupation Based Inquiry" courses in Semester 2-4). I can try my best to answer questions if you message me. I will say I didn't know it was coming but it was not so bad - it can be tricky at times but it's definitely going to teach skills and a way of thinking that will come in handy
  2. Accepted Western and declined U of T - sending good vibes those on the waitlist!
  3. Ohh I'm sorry! *facepalm* I had mentioned the U of T Open House in an earlier post and got mixed up. There was indeed a Western Virtual Open House today about returning to campus (general, not OT specific) - you can find it on the Western Facebook page. I didn't find it all that informative though for us. I think I had come across it through Facebook or on the website, not by e-mail.
  4. Hi! I found it in this information sheet which was included in the acceptance e-mails (and also publically at the link mentioned above): https://ot.utoronto.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Information-for-Incoming-Students-2020.pdf "We are also holding an On-line Open House on Saturday June 6, 2020 to provide additional information about our program and a Q & A with faculty, staff and students. If you would like to attend, please RSVP to ot.studentservices@utoronto.ca by Wednesday June 3, 2020." I received two e-mails: MSc OT at U of T Update, and Welcome from the OT Chair U of T
  5. Oh! Maybe it's different for OTs? - We received a welcome letter stating: We have made the difficult decision that all Term 1 courses for our incoming students will be held online. We can confirm that the MScOT Program is starting with initial academic orientation activities planned for September 1, 2020. We are planning for a hybrid educational model in Term 2 (some classes in person and some online) and anticipate notifying you by November 1, 2020 if this is going to change. Ontario’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to evolve as necessary. As soon as public health permits, we
  6. U of T will be completely online for Fall, and likely blended in Winter. I joined the Western Virtual Open House today, and they mentioned that 25-30% of classes will be in person - but I'm thinking that might have been more general for undergraduates. Thank you so much for sharing that - I really hope so that it can be in-person!
  7. Anyone have an idea of what the blended learning model will look like at Western this Fall? U of T sent a detailed letter about their covid response and they're having an online open house.. would be helpful to have some more details for Western ex. how many days a week we would be on campus. Wondering if anyone has contacted them so far?
  8. Ohh .. what is the page for finding roommates? Edit: nvm I think I found it! Roommates Wanted Western Students (UWO)?
  9. Wow that's great info! Thank you so much. I'm guessing it's even more affordable to find a place than to live on residence?
  10. Hi there! Could you explain more about the international and OOP students subletting their places for the Fall? Wouldn't they need to come back to campus if it's going to be a blended model? Also, if it's for 4-8 months would we be able to find something easily after that period? (First time possibly moving to campus so very new to finding housing!)
  11. Yes! My fifth year I'm pretty sure I just did one course per semester. My fourth year I did 2-3 (that year was a thesis and intensive seminar course). Basically I took my time to make sure that I would finish strong and wasn't really sure of my plans - I didn't really think if it would be a consideration for grad school! But previous years were 4-5 courses and overall cGPA was steady. I was worried when someone posted that schools take this into consideration, but it can be done!
  12. Hi circe, thank you so much! What is it about the course curriculum that is changing? I've been accepted to both Western and U of T, and I'm leaning towards Western mainly because of the smaller class size, social justice & equity focus, and experiential learning aspect (just by reading the websites the Western program stands out and appeals to me!) Also, I'd prefer not to be in a big city and have more of a community feeling. I was wondering if you have some insight into these aspects of the program and additional comparisons we should take into consideration? How has your
  13. Admitted to Western and U of T!! Queen's is blank... So surprised to be admitted to Western!! Edit: Rejected from Queen's!
  14. Mine says MSOT2 as well - I hope it's not UTM! 2 hours left - the SUSPENSE!! @jammerz , where did you read that? I feel like I've only read the opposite, and that the employment rate in Canada is something like 95%. Would be so interested to see if any current practicing OTs or OT students can comment! Edit: Tried to remember where I saw that statistic, it was from a post by CAOT:
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