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  1. I got a call at around 11 am off HWL! Edit: it was for Windsor
  2. OMG this is amazing!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I'm definitely going to try to get a hold of some of these. I haven't read much for pleasure recently lol, but the Harry Potter series is always good? Crocheting is not too hard! And embroidering is pretty easy too. I'm sure you can learn it fairly quickly. There are a bunch of great YouTube tutorials out there!
  3. Same... do you have any recommendations? I'm trying to distract myself as well by crocheting, embroidery, cooking, and hanging out with my sister. But it's hard.
  4. How are you folks passing the time waiting on the waitlist? I'm feel like I'm losing my mind and the days are passing so slowly...
  5. i felt i was repeating myself, disorganized...lol i forgot my government id and had to ask them if i could go get it
  6. Got the R too. Nice engaging with you my fellow companions. May we meet again.
  7. I'm still waiting for U of T. Got an interview with UWO though thank God.
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