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  1. There may be a bit of a response bias here and this is obviously a small sample, but it seems like being a graduate student confers a pretty significant advantage at UofT. 6/35 (~17%) respondents are grad students, but the 2020 first year class was made up of 40% grad students (stats from UofT site). Maybe some of the people who selected gap year have already completed a grad degree?
  2. Might be too late but I am also looking to prep intensely for the upcoming (March 7) interview. PM if you're still looking for someone to join the prep group
  3. UofT only - nothing on OMSAS but do have button.
  4. I know that bursary applications are given to the financial aid committee without identifiers, but do you think it's possible that being asked for supporting documents indicates that you're likely going to be offered admission (and those not contacted have a lower chance)?
  5. I'm also interested in online practice/discussing potential interview questions with someone. If anyone is specifically looking to prep for the UofT MPI please personal message me!
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