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  1. Hi, What are everyone’s thoughts with regards to how the pandemic has impacted the competitiveness for 2021 med school applicants? I found an interesting article indicating U.S. applications are at a record high, surging 17%. (Even more so at specific schools) I can’t imagine Canada being particularly different... I presume in a poor job market, people flock to other means to fill their time, I.e schooling. https://www.aamc.org/news-insights/applications-medical-school-are-all-time-high-what-does-mean-applicants-and-schools What do you think?
  2. Hi, does anyone know or can speculate if living in a major city for the years after your undergrad can detract from your context score? Or do you simply keep the points you’ve accrued from your northern Ontario upbringing?
  3. Hi, Advice would be appreciated. My significant other (In province) has the follow grades: MCAT: 131/130/129/126 cGPA: 3.84 Casper: Felt.. ok.. (From my understanding) FYI they're only interested in applying within Ontario. She applied last year and this year, both times receiving the dreaded "Regret". She feels discouraged given the 5K+ applicants each year, especially since she doesn't have top grades across the board, like others we hear of. Unfortunately CARS was her weakest area with a 126, but apparently she consistently scored 127 on the practices (Kaplan I think?). She
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