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  1. I think its safe to say all offers went out but theres hope for the wait list!
  2. One of my verifiers no longer has one of the pieces of contact info I gave. If I need to update contact information for verifiers, should I bother doing this after the interview? I am pretty sure Ottawa does not contact them after, but wanted to see if anyone here knew/had advice for what to do?
  3. I'm pretty sure the CNFS cutoff this year was 3.6! Not 100% sure though, for anyone that wants to know for sure I would recommend emailing them. I just thought id point this out
  4. Hi! Will ottawa contact you if they don't approve your prerequisite and give you a chance to submit another one or do they automatically reject you if the prerequisites you wrote down don't meet their standard? I know they will contact you for physiotherapy, but not sure if they do the same for med. Thanks
  5. Moi aussi je viens de BC!!! Bonne chance a vous deux!! <3 J'espère de vous rencontrer quand nous sommes tous les trois acceptés
  6. A-t-il des personnes ici qui ont fait une demande via CNFS? J'aimerai bien vous connaitre!
  7. Merci tout le monde!! Je m'excuse de ne pas répondre a vos messages, je ne visite pas ce site souvent (ça me cause de l'anxiété LOL). J'espère que tous vos tests ce sont bien passés!!!
  8. ahhhh ça fait du sense!! merci, je ferais ca! Bonne channe!!!
  9. C'est le "Sample Test"? Je ne le vois pas en français!! Peut être c'est car j'ai pris le test en anglais aussi alors le site pense que je le veux en anglais??? ahaha je sais pas
  10. Hello/ Bonjour! For those of you writing CASPer in french, how are you preparing? There are so many less resources for french and im struggling to find things. Right now i have just been repsonding to the english practice questions in french! Merciiii
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