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  1. Just wondering is it possible to get awards or scholarships in medical school to pay for it? What is the most amount of money do you think students can get? Queen's is my top school so more info about how much money I could get there would be awesome.
  2. Hey a little late to this talk but I am also looking for the best bank for the LOC. From my understanding Scotia bank has the best credit cards and rewards. However, when I talked to RBC they said they have a whole team of healthcare specialist at your disposal for free advise for help with basically anything. Buying a new car, paying off your med debt or more medical related things. They were very much about their holistic approach to help you and the idea you had one team there for you the whole time, very easy to contact. Does scotiabank offer that to? When I talked to them they
  3. Hi! I am just wondering if you are lucky to get into medical school if there are awards and bursaries usually available for students. Is it possible to get a full ride to a canadian medical school? What is the most financial help one could expect from awards and bursaries? Thanks!
  4. What color did you have? When did the backpack start, they must have to reuse colors.
  5. Thank you for your opinion. I have started reading more into the profession, it does like their growth is paused and that they havn't done much in a decade. I am guessing if given the choice between PA or MD, MD is the better choice.
  6. do you think PA's will stay where they are now, or potentially all be out of jobs? I didn't know things were so unstable, why would they keep the programs going and have students graduate every year.
  7. I was just thinking this lol! I also am hoping for grey!
  8. Well if its purple someone has already said we can all it "pandemic purple" and if it's pink the we can do "pandemic pink"
  9. oh no please not pink not a fan of yellow or orange. i don't mind the grey. Honestly the red one from a few years ago was my favourite.
  10. Do you think PA's are over paid? Just wondering I am just starting to learn about PA's and its sound kind of nice but not alot of support for them.
  11. Oh wow I didn't know that either. Then why were PA's featured on this new segment if also doctors were not recognized.
  12. Hi, I saw on the news a segment about PA's not getting pandemic pay by Ontario Government. https://globalnews.ca/video/6887853/some-ontario-front-line-workers-left-behind-on-pay-premiums-during-pandemic As someone looking into both MD and PA as a potential career, I worry about this. Does this mean going into the PA field could be a risk. I read some online forms and people are saying that the PA career will not grow because the government likes NPs better. And after doing some more reading I am kind of wonder if there is a need for PA's when we have NP's. Personally if
  13. haha no I get ya, people need to lighten up. This was a hypothetical question posed. Hypothetically if given a year off I would probably travel too (provided we were allowed). Maybe try some stuff I have always wanted to, perhaps try learning how to actually cook more than ramen lol! If given the chance to defer or not that would be hard. I think not being able to have the experience in person would be suck for sure.
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