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  1. Result: Accepted (Hamilton) Timestamp: 12 AM cGPA: 3.96 CARS: 129 CASPer: Good enough for Ottawa Year: Graduated last year Geography: IP Button: No Waitlisted at Ottawa and UofT so i’ll be accepting Mac. Excited to meet you guys!
  2. Did anyone get an offer on MOSIAC and OMSAS for mac
  3. Click on the offer link and the 3 letter abbreviation
  4. Gaethje got some hands and can wrestle - i think hes gonna be a problem for Khabib. Silver lining, Ferguson-Poirier would be crazy
  5. Def a tough call but i wish it wasn't stopped. Great fight
  6. Anyone think the stoppage in the Cejudo-Cruz fight last night was early ?
  7. I’m in complete agreement lol but i personally don’t think they’ll be adding any more interview spots because i imagine most people would have gotten an interview again its unfortunate that we have zero control over it but what can we do :/
  8. How does that even make sense ? Not all 200 people who don’t get Mac will be reapplying. I imagine a decent chunk will be going to other schools lol Not to mention many of the reapplicants would have gotten interviews again next year anyways if interviews weren’t guaranteed Maybe they add a few more interview spots but 200 more seems far fetched
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