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  1. From my understanding he could go straight into university with an additional freshman year. He could also go to college if he wishes to do an “additional year” so to speak. If he goes to college here, he won’t need to do the freshman year once in university, unless he choses a completely different program. For example, if he was in liberal arts in college and wants to do chemistry in university, he will need to complete a few extra courses in science to have the necessary pre-requistes. In any case, he will be considered as having completed his high school degree.
  2. I wanted to add two things which is basically what everyone else is saying but wording it differently, in the way I think of it. First is the idea of boundaries. It seems that you let Josh step all over you in high school and he assumed he can do the same later on in life. You were young then and you can change. The next time someone brings up Josh and how he is more successful then yourself, think of something cleaver that will shut them up. You can be classy all the while but they need to understand that you won’t allow them to put you down. Even keeping silence and walking away is some
  3. Hello, I think you have a good chance, especially with a good casper. Regarding your major, McGill tends to like diversity and doesn’t favour majors over others. For your masters they will increase your academic context grade for having a masters degree but the gpa won’t count unfortunately. You’re pre-reqs are an A as mentioned above so you’re good there I suggest practicing for casper and the mmis. There is MedCoach who offer good info on both and I found them helpful. I wish you luck!
  4. I don’t think it’s a waste of time. I like doing this kind of managerial work so for me the whole process was a project. I’m sure there are people out there who can get in directly from college or do any bachelors and get in. But for me Med was what I wanted to do and needed a way to manage the grades, so I found a way that satisfied their conditions, and made it possible for me to get in. I’m proud of my work although a lot of my work had to do with planning. And btw, although it didn’t come to me in a dream, I really enjoyed my bachelors in biology
  5. That sounds like what happened to me as well The thing with my situation is that even if I would’ve chosen my second undergrad to yield a higher CRU calculation for French schools, since my first GPA would also be considered in their calculations I didn’t stand much of a chance with them. Even if the first undergrad gpa weight would’ve been lowered due to how long ago I completed it, I realized it would still bring me down. So I stuck to making McGill my first choice and, as such, stuck to the undergrad program where I thought I’d get the highest grades (since McGill would only look at
  6. One more thing, French schools might give a program like biology major lower ranking when calculating the CRU. This is something you might want to look into while making your decision
  7. Hi, Like mentioned above: do what you’re good at. The advice of doing what interests you is complete bs. Film interests me but I’d get a gpa of 1.3 if that’s what I went for. I stuck to sciences because that’s what I do best. And subjectivity because although I enjoy writing I didn’t want my grade to reflect the impressions of my grader. I did biology at Concordia and chose my courses to reflect what I believed (after research) to be courses where it’s possible to get an A. I also dropped two courses after drop deadline where I thought the professor was aiming to give the course a tough r
  8. Bonjour, qq’un a une idée de cru pour programme de biologie non-connexe? Merci
  9. I would contact them if I were you, someone on here said they had made a mistake with their application last year but I think for another university. Good luck
  10. Me too my laptop charger stopped working, I had 3% battery charge when I realized this and I had to continue the test on another computer with a keyboard I wasn’t used to. Result=complete nightmare. I hope my Casper test won’t disqualify me before my application is even viewed. Still no change in status here.
  11. I’m sorry I don’t think I have an answer but is it two separate degrees or a double major/ double honour program?
  12. I don’t think the official transcript will have graduation status confirmed because that will only be available when they review my courses. But I just remembered that the deadline to complete your program is by July 2020 for McGill. So maybe give that I have more than 45 credits done and in principle I have until July to complete the program, they will count my second bachelors and wait for a confirmation of program completion?
  13. I’ve applied in the past, but I was refused pre-screening because it was the first year the Casper requirement came out and I hadn’t done it in time. But I was also a student at McGill in the past. Maybe that’s why although it seems a bit weird because why ask again if they already have it on file?
  14. Were you taking courses in the fall? Maybe they left our files to the end to review them with all the grades? I hope it’s not because they were rejected pre-interview screening :’(
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