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  1. Hi everyone, posted this on **DELETED** but also thought I would ask here as well. Anyone having issues previewing their PDFs (step 3 in the upload process). The page says to click the title to preview the file prior to clicking submit but when I click the title hyperlink an html file is downloaded and it is gibberish. Did anyone else have this issue?? Kinda freaking out. I'm using safari on a MacBook which the site says should be fine
  2. Based on previous years, results should be released by the end of this week. Getting the thread set-up: Status: Invite/Rejection Time Stamp: DD/MM/YYYY - XX:XX AM/PM Location: OOO, IP, OOP Stream: English, French, Aboriginal, MD/PhD, MD/Msc, etc. MCAT: Total Score (CP/CARS/BB/PS) cGPA/2yr GPA: use 4.0 OMSAS Scale - Queens uses whichever one is higher Current year: 3rd year, 4th year, UG complete, Masters, PhD ECs: Description at your discretion
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