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  1. can anyone with an offer let me know whether the acceptance deadline is may 25 or may 26? thanks!!
  2. i'm high waitlist but i've got an offer at mac so it's kind of looking like i need to take that..... :/
  3. do we know if the western waitlist typically moves at all before the may 26th deadline for current offers? i've heard it doesn't...
  4. wondering the same thing! last year the deadline to respond to offers was may 28th, and some people came off the waitlist on the 28th. so if the deadline to accept offers is may 26th at 11:59pm, then it seems you could theoretically accept a queen's waitlist offer late on the 26th....
  5. aghhh hurry up queen’s! i don’t wanna check until all results are out
  6. i’m not gonna set an alarm and just hope i sleep in as late as possible
  7. i appreciate hearing this so much, thank you
  8. i totally agree. for a school that loves to promote the evaluation methods they developed, they were sure quick to abandon them in a time of uncertainty...
  9. queen’s has usually been around 8:45-9 in the past 4 years.
  10. i’m not gonna check at midnight for this very reason - if i didn’t see any offers it would be a horrible sleepless night and a painfully long wait for the emails.
  11. mac: definitely on the lottery list due to low GPA and avg CARS... also no button which gives me a bad feeling about the result. just hoping to be at least waitlisted at this point :/ western: felt pretty good about the interview and got positive vibes from the panel. not SWOMEN tho, not sure if that puts me at a disadvantage. feeling most confident about this one. queen’s: felt fine about the MMI and great about the panel. felt a lot less confident about my chances here after finding out that panel may be more of a checkmark in the selection process.
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