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  1. literally using ANY combination of CARS GPA and CASPer would be acceptable...... at least that’s somehow merit-based. this is appalling
  2. come on mac....... we need you to release the criteria more than ever now after the Button Fiasco
  3. i'm still rooting for you, short_stack! it's not over till it's over
  4. okay so you obviously nailed CASPer... which implies that, if button = offer, CASPer must be weighted somewhat significantly this is confusing to me because i have similar stats (slightly higher) and thus obviously did very well on CASPer too, but i don't see the button. idk man i'm tired, wish i could fall asleep and wake up on may 12th at noon
  5. god i'm sad now..... if this means what we think it means
  6. if only mac would tell us their selection criteria!!! then i feel like i'd have some more clarity on whether it makes sense for me to not have an offer
  7. Inkbat – no – mcmaster western queens MDLD – yes – mcmaster queens ottawa Dankeith – yes – mcmaster Aeoaeoaeo – no – queens Kreedz – no – u of t Lil_shine – yes – mcmaster western Ejvrei – yes – mcmaster western Owns123 – no – western Swoman’s friend – yes – mcmaster western Short_stack – no – mcmaster RiderSx – no – u of t theinbetween – no – ottawa DrOtter – no – ottawa TheRealPushaMan – no – u of t western queens ottawa ontariopremed – yes – u of t mcmaster queens ottawa Mozza – no – western pureblue – no – mcmaster western TheFlyGuy – no – u of t mcmaste
  8. wait, why are we thinking it's mcmaster acceptances?
  9. okay so it obviously doesn't correspond to multiple offers then... honestly guys maybe it's just random? i remember before interview invites came out, and current mac students checked the mcmaster portal, and some saw a green circle beside their application and others saw nothing. it turned out that there was no correlation between whether you saw the green circle and whether or not you got an interview invite, but we were all freaking out at the time haha
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