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  1. i interviewed at 3 schools and i don't see it.... f u c k
  2. looool i've heard from current med students that they're also not happy with how mac has handled the pandemic
  3. good point! i agree - it would be impossible to get their desired results based just on numbers. i'm also in trouble unless they weigh CASPer the most. however, i'm trying to be positive, and i imagine that CASPer results are likely the most correlated with interview performance. let's hope that's true for our sakes
  4. it's so late in the game that at this point i'd almost rather not know... we'll find out the most important information in 2 weeks anyway.
  5. had ANOTHER dream last night where i was accepted to western & queen's. i wish my brain would stop being so cruel to me haha
  6. fellow low GPA-er! i was fortunate to have other interviews, but not knowing the selection criteria for mac is freaking me out! here's hoping for a high CASPer weighting haha
  7. omg i thought your post was me at first since we have the same icon colour & signature lol
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