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  1. “26 days” somehow feels so much longer than “1 month” agh
  2. i'm really hoping we hear back from them tomorrow. it'll reduce my stress once i get a better idea of my chances of acceptance.
  3. I've been saving up for years for a big Europe trip and it doesn't look like it'll be able to happen this summer. If I get accepted to medical school this year, will it be possible to travel for 4-8 weeks in the summer after my first year? The reason I ask is because I've heard that you should get research or other med-related work/volunteer experience in the summers during med school in order to be competitive for residency. I know this is a silly thing to be worrying about right now, but I've been pretty sad and I'm just trying to find something to look forward to.
  4. i’m feeling the exact same way. of course it would be amazing to be accepted - but it really hurts that i won’t be able to celebrate with family, travel for a month or two before getting caught up in school, possibly have a white coat ceremony and orientation week, etc. it’s been really hard to accept that all these things i've been looking forward to over the past year, which kept me going when i was exhausted and overworked and drained, might not actually happen. (again - would be ecstatic to be accepted. i’m just feeling really low right now.)
  5. i had a dream where i got accepted to 2 schools. it was super realistic and now i can’t stop thinking about the way it made me feel!!!! ahhh! thankfully i’m working full time from home so i’ve got something to keep me occupied. with all the bad shit going on in the world, getting good news on may 12th would be the greatest gift i could receive :’)
  6. I see that the Schulich Scholarship application requires parental income information from 2016-2020. My parents have a fairly high income, but I am completely financially independent, and they will not be giving me any financial support for medical school. I don't make or have a lot of money, but I'm pretty sure I'll be completely dismissed on account of my parents' income (which seems pretty unfair, but that's another story). Is there even a point to spending time on this application?
  7. i have been worried about the same thing! hoping someone will be able to weigh in
  8. i'm actually interested in a specialty that appears to be one of the least competitive ones based on the CaRMS data i've seen, so hopefully it won't matter too much - although, of course, there's the possibility that i change my mind. thank you so much for sharing your perspective on queen's! based on everything i've heard & seen of it, i feel like it might be my first choice, but i'm almost too scared to let myself think that because it has the lowest acceptance rate.
  9. omg i hope the panel is not only for catching red flags... :'( my MMI was okay but i really felt like i killed the panel
  10. interestingly, when i read this comment, i started to think of all the reasons i didn't want to go to mac (and added some to my cons list). maybe my subconscious is telling me something haha. what made you say that mac is the best choice based on what i've listed?
  11. my current thoughts: mac pros - 3 year program (i've taken 2 years off school since i finished undergrad so would be nice to save some time), closest to home, did my undergrad here and liked living here, generally have a preference for bigger cities cons - not a fan of PBL, kinda want to go somewhere new, ?less of a community feel queen's pros - smallest class size, beautiful campus & facilities, faculty is apparently excellent, kingston is super cute (although small), prefer their curriculum to mac's cons - far from home, extremely small town compared to what i'm used to
  12. i don't want to be presumptuous and i'm definitely not expecting to be accepted to all 3 of the schools where i received interviews (i'd be ecstatic with just one acceptance!!). on the other hand, due to the current circumstances i've got a lot of time to just sit around and think, and in order to stay positive/motivated i'm thinking about where i'll end up this coming september - i.e. fantasizing about which school i would choose if i were accepted to all 3 by some freakish act of god. does anyone have any thoughts, experiences, opinions to share? what would you personally do if you were
  13. TIME STAMP: 2:28 pm Interview Date (MD or MD/PhD): N/A (MD) Result: rejected wGPA: 3.91 MCAT: 522 (met all section cutoffs) ECs: diverse, a decent amount of research (including 1 publication), a lot of music-related stuff. good enough for queen's & western! Essays: i put so much time & thought into these. had them looked over by a couple family members & a family friend in the field. i honestly thought they were the strongest part of my entire OMSAS application. i guess they weren't enough to compensate for my GPA? Year: finished undergrad in 201
  14. shall we continue to hold on to the minuscule hope that we'll receive good news this week in the midst of this apocalypse?
  15. fuck, that's the kind of news i need right now... congratulations though!!
  16. i think the reason they don't factor CASPer into the post-interview score is that CASPer and the interview are supposed to look for similar traits. without an interview, they may use CASPer as an alternate method of assessing those traits. just a hypothesis though.
  17. i'm so sorry. it feels so cruel. i truly hope it works out for you.
  18. i KNOW that based on my stats (shitty GPA and mediocre CARS), i only got an interview by nailing CASPer. if they choose to evaluate us based solely on the pre-interview formula, i'm screwed. i was SO relying on this chance to prove myself. at least i had the chance to interview at 2 schools already. i feel terrible for the applicants who ONLY have mac... i personally know people who have been practicing for a MONTH for their only interview at mac. this is so fucking shitty. i'm so upset.
  19. i interviewed on the 8th and didn't get an email either so i assume so! i'm wondering the same thing...
  20. i’d argue that there are advantages to online interviews as well - certainly reduced nerves. this is really unfortunate. i don’t think there’s a way to truly make it fair for everyone.
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