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  1. Does anyone know when the Student Aid BC application for full-time studies (for the 2020/2021 academic year) will open? The website just says that it'll open sometime in July, but doesn't give a specific date. Thanks!
  2. yes, i did my undergrad in the US, so this was my AMCAS gpa! i think when my grades were converted to the OMSAS scale, my gpa went down (~3.93) b/c canadian schools consider an A to be 3.90 i believe?, whereas in the states, A+ = A = 4.0
  3. Reviving this thread! Hope this helps someone Cycle: 2019-2020 cGPA: 3.99 sGPA: 3.98 aoGPA: 4.00 MCAT: 517 (130/125/130/132); rip my cars LOL Applied: (all MD schools) WVU, SKMC, Saint Louis, Georgetown, NYMC, GW, WashU in St Louis, Stony Brook, UCLA, Yale, JHU, Penn, Tufts, Columbia, Case, Emory, Brown, Dartmouth, Tulane, MCW, UChicago, Northwestern, Pitt, Wayne State, Mt Sinai, Vanderbilt, UVA, Boston, Duke, VCU, Cornell, Penn State, SUNY Upstate, Mayo Clinic, Colorado, Stanford, Maryland, JABSOM Interviewed: Duke, Mayo, Co
  4. For Canadian students who did their undergrad in the US, does anyone know if UofT considers our cGPA from our institution, or do they just look at the OMSAS GPA? I think at most US schools, an A grade is considered a 4.0 but on OMSAS it's a 3.9. Just wondering bc this would mean that our OMSAS GPA would be a lot lower than our actual GPA....
  5. ok thanks! do u think we could also just record with quicktime player (file -> new movie recording) instead of photobooth to save a step?
  6. that would make sense! do u think we'll have the whole hour to record/upload tho? cuz in the email they said that we won't have time to re-record...
  7. maybe they will email us a link with the question, and the link will expire after ~20 min. that could explain the 5 min to record and 15 min to upload part, but if that's the case i really don't know why we would need 4 hours also how are you mac users converting from mov to m4v file?
  8. OOP, my decision has changed to 'further review required'?
  9. Same I just responded to the email and didn't get an automatic response
  10. has anyone who emailed them back to confirm their interview date received a response yet? they mentioned that we would get more info about our interview day after confirming our attendance
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