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  1. Finally checked. Got Regrets, OOP. 3rd and final rejection this year (2nd application cycle, first year getting interviews). Guess I'll try again next year! Maybe 3rd time's the charm.
  2. Yeah, I'm with you. Same result. Don't know what to do to improve for next year! Also, based on a response Dr.P gave in the blog, seems like they won't be releasing our interview scores this year, only our pre-interview ones. So that's gonna make it even more difficult to determine how to improve.
  3. Really? I didn't notice any comments had been removed.
  4. I think the negative thinking definitely comes from some self-esteem issues in your life. I can absolutely relate, I have similar struggles of my own. If it's any consolation, I can definitely tell you from my own experience that with time and some practical help, it definitely gets better! As for some advice I have to offer, first I want to say that you should definitely work on tackling that negative thinking when it arises. A therapist told me that words are powerful, and she is totally right. So watch what you think and say to yourself, and fight back when you can. Don't let your brain con
  5. Don't think we can say specifically tbh. There's still the confidentiality agreement that we signed, and it wouldn't be fair to applicants who have already completed their interviews. I can assure you though that the questions are really not that difficult, and you shouldn't have a problem coming up with some sort of answer to them!
  6. Nah, don't worry about it being 30 minutes. It's supposed to be that way, it's a hard cut-off apparently. I was cut-off at 25 minutes, as were a lot of other people (usually 25-30 minutes). As far as I can tell, that is by design. The other 15 minutes are probably for technical problems and/or deliberations between the interviewers.
  7. Guys, for those who haven't yet, check the UofC med school blog. There's an important update there.
  8. Maybe they'll send more information when they email us to confirm interview time and date.
  9. Yeah, don't really understand how they can make it fair to anyone at this point. But I guess we'll see. Gotta trust the admissions team for now! I'm sure they know what they're doing haha, and I don't think they're taking this lightly at all.
  10. I know I'm super late, but if there are any online prep sessions being scheduled in the next week, I would definitely love to join if possible!
  11. Hey everyone! I'm in Calgary too and would absolutely love to join in on practice in person and/or online with the rest of you. Please let me know if I would be able to!
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