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  1. Avez-vous une idée de la date que les réponses vont sortir?
  2. Allo, Savez-vous c'est quand que les réponses (approximativement) vont sortir pour udem en med? Mon ami a reçu sa réponse (refus) hier, mais je n'ai pas encore reçu de réponse.
  3. Hello guys, it's approx. 8am and my statut is stil "ready to review". Do you have an idea when it will come out? Thanks and good luck
  4. **Copied from previous threads** Hi guys, It is that time of the year again and invitations to interview are out. I thought it may be appropriate to start this thread! TIME STAMP: XX:XX Result: Invite / Reject cGPA: Feeling about Casper: ECs: Year: UG (what year), Masters, PhD IP/OOP/International: Letter of EC: Yes/No Comments (Optional): Good Luck to all and may the odds be ever in your favor!
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