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  1. Thank you for your detailed reply! I am mainly looking for in-person programs at major schools such as UWO, McMaster, Queens, York, Waterloo, etc., as I do want to keep US schools as an option and they do care about school reputation. I will also look into your suggestion about Guelph as a back-up plan. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for your reply! As a non-trad, I can easily go back to my previous industry, so I am not really worried about job prospect. But I still appreciate your suggestions.
  3. Hi! I am a non-trad premed looking for second bachelor's degree options to improve my GPA. My profile is otherwise very strong, with 520+ MCAT and very decent ECs. I got 4.0 in the final year of my previous program and I certainly have the potential to do well in my 2nd degree. However, with so many undergrad schools and programs in Canada, I am really lost as to what to choose. I am mainly looking for a life-science based program that is memorization heavy and involves mostly objective grading (MC questions on exams are preferred). Job prospect is not a concern, and I am not looking f
  4. I agree. If you dont receive sth by the 28th, the chances are pretty low.
  5. Could you add some options for people who received an offer off waitlist? (e.g. accept waitlist offer and decline waitlist offer). Thanks.
  6. Wait what? I thought we will also have two weeks to decide whether to accept it?
  7. I heard it was scored out of 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being a perfect response.
  8. Yeah, in that way people don't have to meaninglessly wait for if they are at the bottom of the waitlist. I think they should really release the waitlist ranking like some other schools do, especially considering the waitlist is random this year and there is no way for us to estimate our position based on our stats, and the fact that the waitlist got gigantic this year.
  9. Me too. Similar name situation and similar time stamp. I think it could really be alphabetical.
  10. Wish they could be more transparent like McGill. McGill also does MMI, but they tell you your position in the waitlist, and real-time update on how many people are still in front of you. They also release the ranking to all applicants (GPA ranking, CASPer ranking, and CV ranking), so rejected people know where they were among everybody else.
  11. Up until this point, it looks like McMaster did not make any rejections. It is possible that McMaster put everyone on the waitlist so they don't get an influx of complaints from people being rejected during the lottery.
  12. My Minerva Status just changed from Ready for Review to "Reviewed - Decision Pending" a few minutes ago. I guess I am waitlisted for interview. Is there a way to know my position on the waitlist? Thanks
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