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  1. Update!! we have recruited two new members. we closing for now. will update you if someone drops out or doesn't show up
  2. Hi there. we are a group of students preparing for the Casper. as our group is entirely made of male candidates. we would like to have at least 2 female candidates to balance the team. I also think that males and females don't necessarily view Casper scenarios the same and would like to gain from your experience ladies!!! please DM me, so I can send you a google invite.
  3. hey Guys I am #26 Out and #48 Montreal. should I prep my immunization stuff and requirement. or should I just give up for this cycle? do you think there is a chance?
  4. Hi there I want to form a group to prep for Casper. I plan on. Having at least 4 sessions per week for 6weeks. I have already collected a lot of questionnaire. If you are not serious about this. Please do not contact me. If you are interested..please dm me. Cheers
  5. je ne pense car avec une CRU de 33. j'ai été retenu au contingent marché du travail mais éliminé à l'étape suivante
  6. what's on June 15th? deadline for deposit?
  7. indeed, not many. McGill acceptance ratio used to be 1 for each 3 applicants. in fact, many students complained that the university favored anglophones because it required the MCAT (I wrote the MCAT in english, and my first language is neither english nor french). right after McGill removed it. the rate of acceptance jumped to 1seats for 10 applicants so we can easily assume that many quebec residents do not write the MCAT. anyhow. we will see
  8. Thanks for the details!! Fingers crossed
  9. Hi Guys, it moved a bit today. do you have any idea about any deadline for acceptance approaching that could make the WL move faster? regards Y
  10. this doesn't look good. it's moving very slowly
  11. should we start to worry? there is update yet. (today 13th of May, 11AM)
  12. yeah, weird, I am stressing a lot! it was supposed to move after Ontario schools release their results. did they by the way?
  13. no idea, what this is about, please keep us updated on this!
  14. Quelqu'un peut me dire quand est ce qu'ils ont envoyé le formulaire de choix de campus. J'ai rien reçu
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