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  1. I think I saw one guy getting an invite in the first pages of this thread
  2. Hi Guys, I just got my interview invite (I will the interview in French). but I don't mind preparing in English. please let me know if you are interested (DM me). we are already 2 people. cheers
  3. TIME STAMP: Around 1:27PM (GMT) Result: Invite GPA: 3.97 MCAT: 518 (submitted but optional since I am quebec resident) ECs (CV): currently working at the MUHC as a researcher. 4 pubs (1 Nature second author, 3 other as 3rd author) multiple submission at the time (not yet published). Volunteered with humanitarian organization for 5 years (africa and asia mostly). also veteran. Year: I dropped out of Mcgill masters program in the early days of Covid (it was difficult financially. I don't know how this is going to play out in the future, I hope I am not gonna be rejected because of
  4. anyone thinks it's gonna take the whole day? just like the post interview decision?
  5. there is no time stamp for your application, I just took the date of the last document uploaded (excluding Casper results as those arrived after the deadline).
  6. I applied on the 29th of october (48 hours before deadline). and it still says Ready for Review (Name starts with "B")
  7. sorry, I couldn't resist. I am back. and still waiting. it seems they are releasing one by one (not per group like last year). also there seems to be no logical order (not alphabetical, not category), my wild guess is that it depends on when you applied (first get an update first and last ones get answered last, not rolling admission like in the US though). Keep hope alive!!!
  8. I am logging out. I want to spend a nice a weekend with my wife. Good luck guys. I will check on Sunday
  9. I am a veteran with active combat experience. Yet this process stresses me more :s Hhaahahaha
  10. At this point. I think it better to not speculate and just leave the process run its course... It will stress you less
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