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  1. Did not get an early invite, does this mean I'm rejected from UBC Dentistry? :/
  2. no, I think today was the day. However, on the UBC Dentistry page it says: Invitations will be sent 1-5 days before the interview.
  3. Have you emailed them asking? They haven’t been replying to me
  4. Hi, due to COVID-19, international transcripts are being delayed. I was wondering if it is okay to call or contact the Dean's Office to bring up the situation and get it resolved as it is affecting my application. I have contacted the admissions office, but they usually reply in a week and it'll likely be after August 31,2020, which happens to be my deadline. Thank you!
  5. I would expect more send outs to occur starting Monday again. I don't imagine rejects are going to occur until everyone has a spot.
  6. Did anyone receive no information yet about the interview? Did anyone get rejected so far
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