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  1. Hi! I got into uOttawa last cycle and used point form I also made a bunch of spelling mistakes haha because I was typing so fast. They mention that those kinda things won’t impact your score whatsoever
  2. I heard from upper years that they’re gonna give us another password to access those types of files specific to the medicine program (I.e. lecture notes, etc.) so it’s normal we don’t have access right now maybe petit monstre coincidentally got assigned the same password for both elentra/uozone and med related documents
  3. I did also do it the other way - I figured if they send me another password I'll just switch over to that one!
  4. I did that too and got a password under 5 minutes
  5. Okay I’m also in the French stream and didn’t get it, so they’re probably just translating it or something! I’m reassured haha
  6. Did anyone in the French stream get the email?
  7. Chantal said it’ll be at least another 2-3 weeks before we are registered! She’s currently reviewing transcripts
  8. I know that UofT is also fully online! They sent out an email a couple of days ago
  9. Do you know when they send out the schedule for first year?
  10. No it’s not the OMSAS one, it’s the student number at the top of the acceptance email
  11. That’s where I sent my deposit and Chantal confirmed that they received it so you’re good to go!
  12. I’ve heard from multiple people that got into medical school that having a year off before starting is a good thing. Take it as an opportunity to work, save up money, try new things, and take on more extracurriculars to enhance your application for next year
  13. I think you can send it in now, all your grades should’ve been recorded already
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