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  1. my second LOC is a secured LOC so it’s not like it won’t appear two professional LOCs. I pay interest right away on the second LOC which covers my home and replaces mortgage payments (i’d be paying the same amount of interest with a full mortgage anyways). edit: since people are wondering, my advisor was Milan Milojevic and his contact is Milan.Milojevic@scotiabank.com
  2. I was able to pull it off - you need the right advisor though. i went through a few until i found somebody who knew the system really well and got it done without any shadiness or rule breaking
  3. I know of a few people who got through on their third interviews. with interviews being so subjective, don’t beat yourself up over it thinking it was a personal fault of your own. as far as prep goes, my two best advice are 1) make a conscious effort to be more outgoing leading up to your interview and step out of your comfort zone to strike conversations with people, and 2) reflect on your interesting and unique stories and even journal them so you can have something to relate to whatever scenario they bring up.
  4. hope this story serves as a lesson for some of the younger readers here. the take away lessons here are never let your judgment be clouded so easily and irresponsibly, and don't ever enter a relationship with a partner who isn't willing to understand the sacrifices that are involved with this career path. this sacrifice goes both ways and will only work if they're made by both parties. OP, you obviously learned your lesson the hard way. i cant imagine you repeating your past mistakes ever again through the rest of your training. consider yourself lucky that you got this second chance and
  5. There will be a number of people with multiple acceptances/WLs who are going to take this last weekend to think things over. Consequently, there may not be much movement until next week once people make decisions on their offers and seats move around. This is purely conjecture, but it makes sense. I don't know who needs to hear this but don't let this waitlist discourage you and certainly don't let it distract you from the fact that it's going to be a beautiful weekend out (depending on where you live, ha). Get out, enjoy yourselves, and stay safe!
  6. I think I speak for everyone when I say we appreciate you for sharing and congrats on the offer!!
  7. congrats!!! when did they reach out to you?
  8. i wouldn’t imagine any kind of privacy issues with this but i get what you’re saying. if there are people who were worried they could simply say whether or not their stats match the theory (eg, yes or no). it’s better than nothing. if they wanted to be more informative then they easily post a GPA range (e.g. 4.0-3.95) and a time stamp range (eg, minute of 7:38) and still maintain anonymity
  9. mcgill gives an actual numerical rank, mac has a much higher WL acceptance rate since their class size is considerably bigger than ottawa's for even fewer interviewees (so overall less worry), western has a high waitlist on top of a good and bad waitlist to provide more clarity. so there are other ways they provide more clarity to students on the waitlist, but to answer your question... i dont know. lol
  10. @klj.klnmk,mn you have rzlr twice! any other 7:37s/7:38s reading this who haven't added their data yet?
  11. it'll become more clear as more people contribute and the response rate gets better
  12. your timestamp/gpa seems to change the trend. @cabbagesoup with a 4.0 got theirs 2 seconds before you. ontariopremed with a 3.97 got it a couple seconds afterwards.
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