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  1. Last year, they came out on Friday, jan 22 though!
  2. Please count me in as well if you still have a spot
  3. Good question! Most of the people I know, they have finished their master’s, but I think they should give the same score to both subgroups! You can also check with the admins?
  4. Which services are you specifically referring to? Oh I see what you meant there, it seems like they are specifically for McGill students, no? There are PDFs which are examples for McGill MMIs, etc.
  5. So you are saying they did not enter the prescreening/ file review phase?
  6. He must have had great academic then
  7. I agree w u, when you enter the full review phase, ur status change to being "verified"
  8. Sure, please DM me if you are still interested, I will add you to the discord group
  9. are you a re-applicant? have you interviewed at McGill or any other Ontario schools?
  10. Im interested! how should we proceed?
  11. Hey everyone, Out of DELF, TCF, or TFI, which french tests do you recommend to prepare for? Thank you
  12. 1 min reading the prompt and 6 min the scenario itself , overall 7 min If I remember correctly
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