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  1. 4 minutes ago, PirouetteCacahuete said:

    TIME STAMP: Checked in Minerva 7:18 AM Alaska ST...
    Result: Regrets
    GPA: 4.0
    MCAT: 519 (was required in my case)
    ECs (CV): Nothing too crazy, but decent. Some community involvement, leadership, volunteer, shadowing, fun hobbies, research, grants & awards, and long term commitment w dogmushing.
    Year: Finishing undergrad currently.

    Feelings about Casper: I totally bombed it. It's my worst CASPer to date (I took 3 this year - US, Anglo Canada and French Canada.)

    Applicant category: QC applicant, US University

    Not surprised, I fully expect a rejection from all the schools that have my english Can CASPer. Lol


    OOOOOF, u have great stats!!!!! were u IP or OOP or I guess international right?


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