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    Naz reacted to keipop in Number of admitted MDCM students in Fall 2020?   
    Ces places sont réparties pour la prémed à UdeM aussi, selon la proportion des gens admis en prémed vs 1re année de med (ex: si 60% des gens admis rentrent en prémed, 60% des places rajoutées seront consacrées aux prémeds)!
    McGill utilise une approche différente pour leur programme, ils consacrent TOUTES les nouvelles places aux universitaires (et des prémeds au campus Outaouais aussi je crois), aucune nouvelle place n'est rajoutée aux prémeds au campus Montréal.
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    Naz got a reaction from committed-premed in McGill Interview Invites/Regrets 2021 | Invitations aux entrevues 2021   
    your application on ur CV at the top
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    Naz reacted to Med201920 in McGill Interview Invites/Regrets 2021 | Invitations aux entrevues 2021   
    I am logging out. I want to spend a nice a weekend with my wife.
    Good luck guys. I will check on Sunday
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    Naz reacted to Nicolas in McGill Interview Invites/Regrets 2021 | Invitations aux entrevues 2021   
    TIME STAMP: not sure 
    Result: Before 9:20
    GPA: 3.98
    ECs (CV): TA, préposé aux bénéficiaires, drafted 2nd  round in Junior Hockey, biomolecular and neurophysiology research, average 
    Year: Masters
    Feelings about Casper: My casper was terrible last year, so this year I studied pretty hard. Probably average 
    Applicant category: QC university 
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    Naz got a reaction from Med201920 in McGill Interview Invites/Regrets 2021 | Invitations aux entrevues 2021   
    SAME!!! my heart is beating crazyyyyy
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    Naz reacted to hopefulpremed98 in McGill Interview Invites/Regrets 2021 | Invitations aux entrevues 2021   
    At first I thought that McGill was the nicest to applicants because they told us their interview invite date unlike other schools. Now I’m not so sure...
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    Naz reacted to LGMed2021 in McGill Interview Invites/Regrets 2021 | Invitations aux entrevues 2021   
    I have been refreshing minerva since 8am hahaha I'm freaking out lol
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    Naz reacted to Med201920 in McGill Interview Invites/Regrets 2021 | Invitations aux entrevues 2021   
    Is it me?.or the invitation release is much slower than last year?
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    Naz reacted to AB27 in McGill Interview Invites/Regrets 2021 | Invitations aux entrevues 2021   
    Why is it so slow, I just wanna know if I can drop physics lmao
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    Naz reacted to yony234 in McGill Interview Invites/Regrets 2021 | Invitations aux entrevues 2021   
    TIME STAMP: 9am
    Result: further review required
    GPA: 3.99
    MCAT: 508 
    ECs (CV): publication, a lot of volunteering...

    Year: Graduated
    Feelings about Casper: very good
    Applicant category: IP
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    Naz reacted to Nicolas in McGill Interview Invites/Regrets 2021 | Invitations aux entrevues 2021   
    Thank you  so so so happy 
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    Naz reacted to Nicolas in McGill Interview Invites/Regrets 2021 | Invitations aux entrevues 2021   
    What does further review required means ? 
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    Naz reacted to Med201920 in McGill Interview Invites/Regrets 2021 | Invitations aux entrevues 2021   
    At this point. I think it better to not speculate and just leave the process run its course... It will stress you less
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    Naz reacted to Médicomage in McGill Interview Invites/Regrets 2021 | Invitations aux entrevues 2021   
    January 22 is coming fast! Fingers crossed and good luck to everyone!
    Result: Invite / Waitlist / Regrets
    ECs (CV):
    Year: UG, professional UG, Masters, PhD
    Feelings about Casper:
    Applicant category: QC university / QC Med-P / OOP / RSPP / International / MDCM-PhD
    Here's the link to ask for your ranking: https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/request-ranking-requete-de-classement
    3 dodos avant le 22 janvier! On croise les doigts et bonne chance, tout le monde!
    Heure : XXhXX
    Catégorie de candidature : QC universitaire / QC Med-P / Hors-Province / RSPP / International / MDCM-PhD
    Résultat : Invitation / Refus / Liste d'attente
    MPG :
    Allure générale du CV :
    Impressions sur le Casper :
    Parcours universitaire : Bac régulier, Bac pro, Maîtrise, PhD
    Voici le lien pour demander votre classement : https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/request-ranking-requete-de-classement
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    Naz reacted to DrHopes in Interview invitation soon, is it possible?   
    hey ! If it can give you hope, I applied 2 times at McGill. First time, I had no interview (I don't know my rank). Second time, which is last year, I had an interview. I was really (really !) surprised... nothing had really changed, I had the same GPA (3.81, if I remember properly) and the same pre-reqs. My CV changed, but really slightly. 

    Maybe my casper was not good the first time, but I doubt it since I had interviews at other schools... I thought maybe I had and interview the second time because I'm from Outaouais and they were opening the new campus ?
    Same thing happened for my friend last year, he too was really surprised to get an interview the third time he applied when basically his stats were the same... and lucky him, he was accepted !!!

    i send you love and good vibes ! don't lose hope   lâche pas la patate ! c'est duuurrrr mais ça va en valoir la peine ! 
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    Naz got a reaction from Darce in Looking for MMI Interview practice buddies!   
    Same! I think I already added you in discord! 
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    Naz reacted to Andie in Success Stories- Non Trad Style!   
    So it has taken me awhile to write out my story since being accepted back in May. I apologize in advance for such a long post, but here is my bumbling path on the "scenic route" to med school.
    I began university many years ago not really knowing what I wanted to do with my life. I was interested in science so I went into engineering. I had sort of thought about medicine a bit but it wasn’t really at the front of my mind at the time. Towards the end of university I'd realized that engineering was not for me and thought more seriously about medicine. So I wrote the MCAT and did well enough to meet all the cutoffs at the time. I looked into applying in my last year of undergrad. I thought my grades were pretty good for my program (my average was always above 80%), but then discovered that the average to GPA conversion is aweful. A 90% and 70% average out to 80%, so that’s like a 3.7 right?? Oh no, on the good old OMSAS scale a 4.0 and 2.7 (<-- omfg!!!) average out to something truly terrible, and I ended up with an OMSAS cGPA of ~3.2. I realized that I wouldn't get into medicine with those kind of marks so I looked at other options. I thought that medical research may be a good alternative and would hopefully be a satisfying career. So I applied to a bunch of grad programs and was accepted into my top choice.
    I began grad school full of enthusiasm, and was happy for the first little while, but then the same nagging feeling kicked in that it still wasn't quite right. I was working in a hospital and had the opportunity to shadow in clinic and absolutely loved it, and decided to go for it and apply. I thought I’d be finished my masters in 2 years so applied in my second year of grad school but then didn’t get any interviews. Since I had totally avoided the whole pre-med crowd in undergrad I was pretty much clueless about what it really takes to get in. I'd figured now having a grad degree and a good amount of EC's that they would somehow make up for my low GPA. My experiments didn't quite work out as planned so I ended up staying for a third year, and during that time got my paper published, and I applied again. I thought “sweet I’m totally getting in now”. LOL! Needless to say it didn’t happen!
    At that point I googled something like “Canadian medical school admissions” and came across good old PreMed101. I couldn't believe that there was so much that I didn't know about the application process, and how competitive it actually was. I went on a giant fact finding mission to get as much information about what was required to get in. I scoured admissions websites, called schools, searched PM101 for all the information I could get my hands on about admissions cutoffs, average accepted GPAs, ECs etc. I was pretty sad when I realized how much I'd screwed up by not working harder in undergrad and paying more attention to my grades. I'd always thought that I was well rounded and that all my ECs would count for something. (Seriously, when do you ever see someone on here post that they don’t have “Excellent!!!!!!!!!!!” ECs? I’d done varsity sports, student council, TAing, peer tutoring, surely that can compensate for a few bad grades right?? right??) Well, I realized that my grades totally sucked and no amount of ECs would ever compensate for the fact that I’d likely never make it past the initial file screen at a majority of schools.
    I realized that I would have to fix my GPA before I was going to be competitive, so I got the idea from PM101 to do a second undergrad degree. I figured I’d focus on 2 year schools (Calgary, Western, Queen’s, Dal), and this would also open the door to McGill and NOSM who would only look at my new degree once finished. The wild cards were UofT and McMaster that had a cutoff of 3.0 to apply. I figured this plan would give me a reasonable shot at a good number of schools.
    At this point my family and friends thought I was totally crazy. I had a masters and could get a good job in research, so why on earth would I go back and do another undergraduate degree?!?! In my mind, the risk in taking 2-3 years to do a second undergrad was worth it to potentially be able to work in a job that I would absolutely love, and would make me happy for the next 30-40 years of my life. I would put in 100% effort and give it my absolute best shot. If I didn't get in, then I would be able to move on with no regrets wondering what would have happened if I'd only tried.
    So I studied hard and my grades were good, it was amazing how much my marks improved by putting a little effort in! But I then faced another hurdle with the MCAT. In the mean time since I’d been at grad school they switched to the electronic format and you could now write the MCAT 3 times a year rather than 3 times total. I think that because people can essentially write it an unlimited number of times, that people just keep writing it until they get the score that they want. This coupled with an increase in the number of applicants over the years had caused the cutoff scores to steadily increase. I wrote the MCAT again and 3 sections went up, but my verbal went down. I wrote it a total of 4 times (and almost a 5th time but I chickened out the day before) to try and meet the cutoffs at all the schools I was aiming for. I was fine in the sciences, but hitting the magic 11VR and R WS together to meet both Queen’s and Western proved elusive. I now had a good 2 year GPA to apply to these schools but I was afraid that depending on how the cutoffs fluctuated in a given year that I might not make the silly MCAT cutoffs.
    During my second undergrad I tried to work on every area of my application so that there were no weaknesses. I began volunteering in a hospital waiting room where I spent a lot of time talking to patients. I also spent my summers/spare time working in research and tried to publish as much as possible. I applied in the first and second year of my second undergrad with no success. By my third and final year I was pretty stressed out. In the summer I practically killed myself with the number of hours that I worked, but by trying to work and collaborate with as many people as possible I ended up with 8 publications by this last application cycle. With my publications and fancy new GPA I felt like this was going to be my year. I had done absolutely everything possible to improve my application and if I didn't get in, then it wasn't meant to be.
    I had a giant excel spread sheet that I figured out my GPA for every Canadian school and applied to as many schools that I thought I was even reasonably competitive at - Calgary, Western, McMaster, UofT, NOSM, Queen's, McGill, and Dalhousie. Finally I ended up getting four interviews at Calgary, UofT, Queen's, and Dalhousie. I did mock interviews with friends who are in med school and with other applicants and tried to prepare as much as possible. On the actual interview days I wasn't too nervous because I felt like everything I had been doing for the past three years had been in preparation for that very moment, so there was no point in fretting at the last minute. My interviews went well and I had a good feeling coming out. I tried not to think about it too much after out of fear that I would somehow jinx myself.
    The wait until May 5th almost killed me. That morning I stayed away from my computer. I didn't think I'd be able to handle hitting refresh every second for hours on end until all the emails came in. I made myself wait until 11am when I figured they would have sent all the emails out by then. When I finally checked I couldn't believe my eyes, I'd been accepted to UofT and Queen's! I was just totally stunned that my crazy hair-brained scheme had actually worked out and I had been accepted to medical school. All my dreams had come true! To top it off, a few days later I was accepted off the Dalhousie waitlist, and a few weeks after that I was accepted at Calgary off the waitlist as well. So after 4 years of applying and getting nothing, on the 5th try I got 4 interviews and 4 acceptances. Pretty friggin' amazing.
    So my advice to everyone out there is if you really want it, just go for it. Put all your effort into it and just go. It is better to have tried and fail, then to never have tried at all. Don't listen to people who say you are crazy or should give up. If you are reasonably competent enough to be able to get the grades, then all you need to do is work hard and keep at it. Every year your application will get better and better. Eventually you will hit the magic threshold and have what the schools are looking for.
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