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  1. Time Stamp: Fri Jan 22 8:16PM CASPER: Not sure honestly, but UofT required CASPER and I received an interview from them Result: Rejected GPA: 3.99 CV: Shadowing, Part-time job, research. Overall on the weak side for sure. Year: Graduated 2020 Applicant category: OOP
  2. For those who asked, how did everyone do on the interview? I got 26 D:. walked out thinking I did quite well too... (4th year IP, GPA 3.99, DAT 69).
  3. My point of confusion is that for OOP students, they mail in their transcripts at the time of application only (?), and not after the interviews. So for an OOP student who applied during the summer/fall of 2019 and is due to graduate in Winter 2020, the faculty should only receive their transcript up to the grades of Winter 2019 for the class of 2024. In order for that student to have all 4 years considered, they must apply again at the summer/fall of 2020 for the class of 2025...? I'm not sure if I am making any sense here lol...
  4. I felt the stations were alright in general, since I thought some of the prompts would be way more lengthy. Also this might be an inane question, but I am wondering at what stage does UofA perform GPA calculations for placement? At the time of submitting the application or after the interview stage? (ie: I applied at summer of 2019 between my 3rd and 4th year, and I finish my 4th year April 2020, does UofA look at grades up until my 3rd year or 4th year? )
  5. Email just came out, got waitlisted... Does this mean that all positions for the class of 2024 haas been filled already, and we have to wait for people to revoke their offers?
  6. Invite IP (highschool in BC, uni at ualberta) GPA: 4.00 at time of application (I don't know how it translates into UBC percentages) AA: 22 PAT: 23 I felt I did really bad at CASPER ( as in I only put one-liners for like 30%-40% of the stations). Also felt my ECs and reference letters were decent, but nothing spectacular.
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