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  1. Has anyone received an offer to Hamilton campus since the end of May?
  2. I thought that too, but it says prior to admission so I wasn't sure
  3. Is this also a difference? Will the grades obtained during the first semester of my application year count? They will not be counted in the initial cGPA calculation but will be taken into account if the file advances further in the process prior to admission.
  4. I found this site. I think it has the answers. https://www.schulich.uwo.ca/learner-equity-wellness/services/Canadian_Medical_Residency_Guide.pdf For those who are curious
  5. This is going to sound really stupid but I can't find the answer online. It seems to be about 3-5 years, but I saw salaries for PGY-9s in Ontario as well. Does that mean residency can be up to 9 years for some specialties?? And can you detail how long residencies are for specialties (whichever ones you know)?
  6. My friend is going to Ottawa and said that on their website it says that all classes are online
  7. I believe Ottawa has stated they will be virtual but not announced he full details
  8. Can anyone advise me on how to choose a bank? From what I can tell, the only difference is in credit cards and credit card perks (and possibly perks later on when the packages come out for this year), but being a newbie, I have no clue. Should I just talk to the advisors at each bank to get more information? Or can someone explained why they chose their bank (it seems like Scotiabank, RBC, and CIBC are equivalent)?
  9. I emailed about this once and they said it's one or the other?
  10. People say to be frugal but not extremely... how to find that line? I don't know how much money is appropriate to spend in a monthly budget, so I'm curious to know how other people do it!
  11. Any medical students willing to PM me about their finances? I know it's a personal topic but I'm nervous about paying off that debt...
  12. I was blessed to receive an offer from Mac, and now I'm racing to think about what to do now. What should I be doing? So far on my list (other than the checklist Mac gives us) I have: line of credit housing It's a very short list! Could anyone give some tips on what to do now/over the summer to prepare Or does anyone have any med student blogs to read? I've only read premedpostmom
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