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  1. Let's agree there is no rationale whatsoever that would lead us to believe there would be any long term side effects. Let's agree side-effects of vaccine usually occur shortly after administration. Let's all agree that covid-19 itself definitely has long-term side-effects. Let's agree you might be responsible of the death of people more vulnerable than you.
  2. Do you take any medication other than the one for your migraines? Idk about your gender, but personally changing my COP solved it almost completely (I get migraines once every 1-2 months instead of 1-2/week!!), which was a big surprise since I had been on the same one for 6 years before I started having migraines. I don't know if this might be your case, but if it could, discuss it with your doctor! Otherwise, I take advils right when I feel it coming, and it seems to make it stop about 50% of the time, which is much better than nothing. Having a better sleep hygiene also helped (melatoni
  3. They say yes unless they really don't have time, and in that case they may ask you to write a draft for them. They might also tell you that you should ask someone else, especially if they don't know you very well & would not have much to say. If they answer a simple no, despite the fact that you did a lot of work... they probably didn't like you that much. Or you just didn't do anything more than what they asked you, or you didn't have any creative idea, and they don't feel comfortable writing it. And that would be worth an investigation, since in that case you really need to know why, bec
  4. You need to meet a financial advisor who will be able to calculate with you what is the best option financially, with various scenarios (including how the market evolves etc.). They have calculators to do that, depending on the cost of rent & the cost of the condo you want to buy. You could also probably find such calculators online. Good luck
  5. Real talk here, I didn't go to any of these schools, mais en bout de ligne ça ne changera pas grand chose à ta vie. Choisis l'endroit qui te semble mieux pour toi. Parce qu'après ça, tout le monde s'en fou d'à quel cégep t'es allé. Pour l'anglais après 2-3 semaines tu ne verras plus la différence, et en bonus tu vas en ressortir bilingue. Bonne chance!
  6. *laugh in PhD student* what's relaxing though Seriously reevaluating my life choices right now :')
  7. I'm doing research & I feel like I couldn't possibly do any more things. For the little free time I have left, I need to do something that don't involve looking at a computer, like exercising. I just have to. But I've been feeling like it's not enough? I'd like to hear feedbacks from other students as well. I was under the impression that it did matter for residency, but maybe I'm wrong? Some people are just so involved it's intimidating haha!
  8. I've seen a girl who did that once!! She did have a PI supporting her though, she was presenting a poster and it took me a while before I finally understood that she was the patient. I found it pretty cool, especially since she had social anxiety and she described how she overcame that fear... and she was presenting with ease, which was amazing and was a good indicator of the effectiveness of her method. Why not, be wild, do it!!
  9. Just a suggestion, but maybe you should ask yourself why you have such trouble with authority and try to work on that? It seems a bit intense to me to choose a specialty based on that personality trait, which can definitely change / improve, and it might even not be so problematic in the end... and ultimately, no matter what, you'll become the one in charge, you'll be the doctor. What are your interests?
  10. B is NOT a bad grade. It's an average grade. It only means that, once in your life, you were average. It's totally fine & actually very normal! I got a couple of Bs during undergrad and still here I am. I did not justify myself and never thought that they would care about whether was my fault or not. I would have taken the blame if I was asked about it though. I wanna show that I am capable of accepting constructive criticism & improve, rather that be the person who always put the blame on external circumstances...
  11. What is a bad grade to you? Like, if it's a B-, it's nothing, don't worry about it. If it's a D, maybe it's worth an explanation? But seriously I would not worry for ONE bad grade, especially if you've always been consistent before. It's going to be fine. Don't unnecessarily bring attention to it.
  12. I personally don't think that waiting another year to review content will help that much... But it's up to you. Ultimately you really don't need to remember much, usually they teach you everything all over again to make sure everyone is on the same level. It's all going to come back real quick. I think the most important part is that you have to be mentally ready to put A LOT of efforts. If you're not, then you should wait. But that's probably the only preparation you really need. Good luck!
  13. You can always work in the pharmaceutical industry with a health sciences-related MSc and these are pretty good jobs!
  14. Yes there are in-person activities & everything is on the facebook group! (https://www.facebook.com/groups/296468464873839/)
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