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  1. Yeah sure it was Ultimate Guide to Multiple Mini Interview or something like that? I got the kindle version of it so I don't remember what the cover looks like :/
  2. I used an MMI book from Amazon! I probably still have the kindle version on my ipad - I thought it was really helpful!! Had a lot of tips and strategies that I used for my CASPer prep as well and a bunch of examples
  3. huh? they censor their name?! what a dictatorship - isn't that the opposite attitude this forum is supposed to adhere to? so disappointing, why would they do that. Anyway if you google "best casper prep companies" they come up first of course. For the sake of the dictators running this forum the resources OP is talking about are from B*e*M*o (without the asterix of course). To OP: incredible!! congrats on your acceptance and thank you for sharing. I have been practicing my typing speed a lot and like someone said above a document with experiences etc that I can pull from.
  4. I agree with above that stats will likely appear higher here for the reasons they stated but overall I have found it to be pretty consistent with the "outside world"
  5. I think it's definitely worth the investment! I remember trying to practice on my own but eventually decided to sign up for some interview prep with a consulting firm that specialized in interview stuff. The feedback was super helpful and super personalized. Not to mention such a confidence booster for my interview. I probably wouldn't have gotten the same critique or advice practicing with friends so I would totally recommend considering it. Good luck!!
  6. Hmmm I would say it depends bc you wouldn't want to rush into taking it before you're ready and the 22nd is soooooo soon. The last thing you want is for your nerves to get the best of you the day of. But yeah try and do some practice questions and maybe even time yourself to mimic the 5 minute time frame for typing out your answers. Good luck!! :)))
  7. Honestly I can resonate with this, but for sure the section is made to challenge you. You got this!! I really liked the advice someone else gave about challenging yourself by reading more challenging texts and branching out with what you read. Besides practice tests, what I found helpful was reading scholarly articles and journals too - usually these texts have a structured thesis so I'm always jotting down notes to really hone in on trying to understand the thesis and key points. Other than that I would also recommend checking out prints like The New Yorker, The New York Times, The Economist,
  8. you should definitely try! do both, apply to places and email profs as well
  9. congrats on being accepted to all those schools ! the best undergraduate university as mentioned above would be whichever school you can excel most in with the highest GPA, so things like curriculum, your learning style, class sizes, support system, on-campus support resources, etc. but do take some time to research med school eligibility as an international student
  10. nice job on 4 interviews!! I know that's tough dude, I feel like every path someone takes, med or otherwise, will always have a little bit of imposter syndrome. The important thing to remember is that you're on this path right now to learn. They don't expect you to know everything and they KNOW you don't know everything! So you're not even an imposter yet
  11. Was at a restaurant in Chinatown the other day, the normally busy restaurant was completely empty
  12. I really shouldn't spend more time on social media but I'll definitely follow!
  13. It's not just ECs, it's everything. GPA, MCAT, ECs, CASPer, your sketch/ABS/supplemental documents etc. If you have great ECs, you need to be able to effectively talk about them and showcase them in your sketch/supplemental documents, make sure it's well written, structured well etc. If you don't have perfect stats, you need to make sure every other component of your application is excellent! Also don't underestimate CASPer
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