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  1. Can someone summarize how many individuals will be taken off the WL? What timestamp can we anticipate it to reach? I wonder if the # will be less, with some people choosing Ottawa > Mac due to the effect of covid on a 3 yr program.
  2. Are you sure? They were pretty clear the final exam needed to be completed before May 31 when I emailed them.
  3. Anyone know when the waiting list officially closes? Preparing myself for Tuesday lol. I had a friend who got off the waiting list for UofT in August, though I would assume that is a rare circumstance.
  4. MD/PhD applicants who received offers to other schools see the button
  5. Starting to think this might just be for offers. MD/PhD offers are already out, so anyone who was accepted should have the button below if it goes by that logic...
  6. It could be more than 1 offer, would be interesting to see how this all pans out
  7. I also interviewed at one school and do not see it. Those that are seeing it, did you interview at more than one?
  8. Hoping it's for those with multiple offers....panic mode on
  9. How does waitlist chance look at Ottawa based on the graphs (if you've read into it). If not, I'll just wait till next week lol
  10. Literally having anxiety every day. Only had one interview, Ottawa and not even sure how I feel at this point lol
  11. Thank you, I emailed them on Thursday evening, still waiting for a response!
  12. I had a misunderstanding and assumed that we had to just send in our transcripts by June 30th if given an offer. After reading this forum, I'm realizing we have to complete the actual course by May 31st. Does this mean exam written by May 31st, and then graded with official transcript delivered by June 30th OR final grade in hand by May 31st? Panicking because I'm realizing this will be a huge stretch for me...would have to write the exam in the next 2 weeks (online course - we pick when we want to write the exam)
  13. Also have to consider travel bans for OOP students as it'll be hard to find a place and move
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