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  1. Applied (OT): Dal, UofT, Queens, Mac Accepted: UofT Waitlisted: Rejected: Mac, queens GPA: sgpa - 3.74 cgpa - 3.5 I will be accepting UofT ! Extensive research and clinical experience (including a publication). I had a reduced course load for my final 2 years and even took a few courses to boost my gpa! This is also my second year applying, I was waitlisted at UofT last year then obviously rejected. NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS!
  2. I also am OOP and applied to Dal OT. I have not heard anything besides that all students will hear back by the end of May. My application says decision made + written notification to follow. My gpa was 3.85/4.3 !
  3. How did you calculate your gpa? I thought it was just the average of the last 20 credits on your undergrad transcript
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