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  1. Guys, they updated the website Important Dates page! Offers will be DELAYED
  2. It's minus 0.25% on their website but holy shit -0.5% would be nice
  3. The Dental guys is a good podcast. The hosts are pretty funny and they cover a wide variety of topics
  4. Following. And to add on to OP: what bank offers the best perks?
  5. I'm not sure how they can ''fairly evaluate" admissions standards for the current year, given how the ultimate class size is still going to be around 50 people
  6. An update from the Schulich website: Statement to Current and Prospective Applicants Regarding Covid-19 We hope that you and your loved ones are keeping well through this challenging time. We understand that along with all of the uncertainty, the current situation provides added concern for you about the effects this could have on your current or future application to the Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) Program at the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry. Please be assured that we are carefully deliberating with our Admissions Committee and putting together a plan. This plan will a
  7. Does anyone know how/when the physiology challenge exam is gonna run?
  8. It's pretty hard to come up with a fool-proof system to prevent people from cheating. I'm hoping that they find a solution aside from moving online because it really isn't fair for applicants from other years who had to write it in-person. I'm also wondering if the online interviews would count for less this year, thus making admissions less holistic. That would be quite an abnormality in the history admitted classes. I guess we'll just have to wait till this year's statistics come out...
  9. Why doesn't dentalcorp spend the money on future dentists to help with their student loans and not on the darn school lmao
  10. There's also been a lot of misinformation online and people are unfortunately using public heath as an excuse to marginalize and discriminate against Asian-Canadians. I keep hearing insane fear-mongering stories that exaggerate literally everything to the point of absurdity. I recommend watching this short video:
  11. That's so weird. i know they use a z-score system, so maybe there was too much variation between the evaluators that ranked him/her?
  12. Does anyone recommend any CASPER prep companies? I'm thinking I might have to take one next year
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