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  1. OMG the 2020 Western Waitlist squad is going big places! I just saw that you were accepted too! So happy for you! This day is turning out amazing. Btw I also started undergrad in 2011. Perseverance pays off man. Proud of us! Edit: @Mozzayou got Western too?! Ahh I wish our 2020 summer selves could see us now! Congrats!
  2. Thank you so much! This has truly been such a humbling and validating experience! Really really hoping for some WL movement for you!
  3. Result: Accepted!! OMG after 4 cycles! This was my only interview this cycle! Timestamp: 8:46 am EST 2YRS GPA: 3.89 MCAT: 128/128/128/128 MMI and Panel Interview Thoughts: Felt okay about my MMI but felt pretty good after my panel. Panel Date (Saturday March 27th or Sunday March 28th): Sunday, March 28th ECs: Piano, exec for 2 clubs, worked as personal trainer and sports nutritionist, hospital volunteering, software company internship, competitive dance, 1 first author pub, international clinical conference presentation Year: Graduated in 2017 Geography:
  4. My heart skipped a beat when I got this notification. It's been a while. Missed you guys lol.
  5. Maybe the person calling people off the waitlist is working from home and is being lazy and taking their time? A guy can hope
  6. It definitely seems so. It could be a combination of CoVID-19 related factors (people avoiding McMaster for example) and the lower CARS cut off reducing the overlap of the acceptance pool with other schools. It's all speculation though.
  7. I'm assuming the waitlist movement is over except for the possible deadline exceptions. I'm not sure if that's a pessimistic interpretation of the silence, but it is in line with the worst predictions of how this cycle would turn out. Any thoughts?
  8. Here's a link to the checklist of requirements for entering students and the corresponding deadlines: https://www.schulich.uwo.ca/med_dent_admissions/docs/MD2024_Wdsr_Entering_Student_Requirements_Checklist_Jun3.pdf
  9. Holy cow I just checked my timestamp. Created: 9:05:58 Received: 9:06:01 @Owns123 any idea what your timestamps are down to the seconds? Because unless yours was created before mine, I guess that disproves the timestamp theory. I really hope it's true though haha
  10. I think what they mean is, we know that roughly 80 spots are declined and an overwhelming majority of applicants prefer London. Since the first HWL offers were given to Windsor, we know there are only ~35 or fewer seats available to WL. Some of those WL offers might be declined as well but it's hard to imagine that ~80 spots are declined over ~35 seats. For that reason, I think @Aegean believes that they initially over offer because that would explain why there are ~80 declined offers. @Aegean, feel free to chime in if I didn't get that quite right For the record, I do agree with your as
  11. Yeah, makes me believe that they over offer as well. Some will reject already rejected seats because they receive other waitlist offers or OOP offers but I can't see that plus regular waitlist movement adding up to ~80.
  12. I never considered that! However, the only reason someone would decline an offer from the waitlist is if they get off the waitlist at another school as well. I could see this happening during the first wave of waitlist offers but the probability of getting 2 overlapping waitlist offers after that drops drastically. Anyways, the only way the first wave of HWL gets a chance to decline an already declined seat at Windsor is if London is full enough for them to get the Windsor offer in the first place, which adds weight to NWL@UWO's theory that they do over offer. I don't know if I'm making a
  13. Where did you hear that they over offer? Are we sure that they do? I agree that it seems redundant.
  14. From my understanding of databases it probably doesn't. What I think is that we existed in the database from before the interview invites, ranked by alphabetical order or OMSAS # etc. and that there is just a column to distinguish acceptance/HWL/NWL. A script was used to send out emails depending on our category in that column which would explain why acceptances were sent out first, HWL next and NWL after but between those categories, there's no reason to believe we were ordered by our ranking. However, Ottawa waitlisters have noticed a clear trend in previous years suggesting that there
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