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  1. This week should be the first round of offers! Trying not to get my hopes up... but today still feels like May 11th all over again
  2. While Dr. P posted that they sent out 276 offers last year for 139 seats, AFMC says they had 135 seats and sent out 245 offers (including deferred and declined on the table). So maybe they end up sending out more offers than AFMC can capture?
  3. haha @carepep you have a way of saying things that makes me feel more calm. Was feeling really pessimistic when I received the decision this afternoon.
  4. 148 seems like a TON of people holy. not knowing if you're near the top or bottom is very nerve-wracking.
  5. its somewhere on the blog, but basically everyone is on one waitlist based on rank order (IP and OOP), and offers are given in that order. The only difference being they take out the OOPs once the quota is reached. For this reason, its rumored that OOPs get off first bc they needed a higher pre-interview score to get their interview. Not sure how the cohort 2:1 thing works though.
  6. yeah, i was just little worried because the waitlist mvmt was "lower than normal" (per the blog) last year, which was the first year they interviewed 100+ more ppl than usual.
  7. does anyone know how many ppl are on the waitlist every year? i legit have no idea how good/bad the chances are once you're waitlisted... EDIT: its 148 according to the new blog post
  8. Wanted to start this thread for all the waitlisters. I really thought I was done waiting, and I think waiting another month might possibly drive me crazy in this isolation haha. Head is up though! Grateful for any opportunity at all I'm hoping people can post in this thread when they get offered admission off the waitlist so other people on the waitlist know if there has been any movement. Thanks! I know it won't be til the end of the month likely, but needed something to do rn haha
  9. i think someone before (anonymouspanda?) said they were cohort 2 and rejected.So not sure... Anyways, until a cohort 2 is accepted I'll hold out hope i guess!
  10. I think they are sending each email individually. my cohort 1 friend got accepted almost 20 minutes ago now.
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