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  1. Thanks for your information. Did you send your transcript to this email address successfully? I was told by the SSC that the email was invalid.
  2. I'm from UBC. Depending on your major, most of your required science courses will have average between 80-70, very few above 80. It can be very challenging to achieve high gpa
  3. Thanks for sharing the BC's crisis centre. I'm very interested in it but the next intake will not open in a month. Did you mind sharing other similar places where we can provide support to others? Thanks.
  4. Thanks. In person works better. I have asked them about doing the program as a second degree. Did you have any insight about the program? Thanks
  5. just saw the answer I got from the advisor is in the FAQ. https://bhsc.queensu.ca/frequently-asked-questions
  6. Maybe you can do non-degree and transfer your credits to a degree program next year? I applied to UBC last fall. However I can only do a biochem degree which I think is less useful and way harder to get a high gpa (the averages ~70) compared with Queen's.
  7. I asked the program advisor "What are the differences between online and in-person BHSc program? Do the transcripts and degree specifically indicate the program is online?". The answer was: No, there is no difference. Both the on-campus and online BHSc degrees are 4-year honour's degrees approved by the Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities. All students are awarded a Bachelor of Health Sciences degree from the Senate of Queen's University. Official transcripts will not indicate how the degree was completed (i.e. online or on-campus). With that being said, do you think I h
  8. I'm also thinking about doing this program. Does anyone know if there are other comparable programs?
  9. I was reject post interview as well. I hired 3 coaches from astrof which was recommended by my friend who went to UofT. The coaches all said my performance was great, only downside was I didn't seem to be excited or proud of myself. On the real thing, I think I performed way worse due to stress and missed many points I supposed to say. In short, I think coaching is useful if you are not sure where you got wrong but less useful than extensive practice.
  10. I did a bit math to estimate the odds. The calculation may not be correct. According to the blog our mean pre mmi score is 104.6X. Let's assume interviewers all have the mean pre mmi score for now. For the previous cycle, the cut off score to get an interview was 108.88 (OOP) and 102.22 (IP) and the total score to get on WL is 204.9 (OOP) or 203.79 (IP). This means a mean mmi score (100, top 50%) will at least get us on WL. The cut off score for an offer is 220.37 (OOP) or 212.45 (IP), means an interview score a SD above the mean (115) will get an OOP offer (15.8%, about top
  11. Your information helped a lot. As a premed waiting for admission decisions, I don't have a mentor but I hope to figure things out early and start doing research from day 1 of medical school. Actually Pediatrics CIP and Psychiatry CIP are on my list of interest. I imagine we should do as much research as we can, preferably at the schools we are shooting for residency? From my understanding, applying to 2 or 3 competitive and backup specialties would increase the chance of successful residency match. Does that mean I should aim to be productive in these 2 to 3 research areas to support my CI
  12. Thanks very much for your reply. After researching a bit more about CIP, I feel I should not consider doing md-phd One question is did you know the difference between applying for CIP residency program directly and do CIP after matching to a regular residency (in terms of funding, length, leave of absence)? Are they equally competitive? Thanks.
  13. Is it common for schools or fellowship programs to allow doing a PhD at the same time? If not, could you name a few so I can look up more information. Thanks a lot
  14. I think UofC emphasize communication, motivation, volunteering, and maturality. Maybe you can emphasize these when you write your top 10
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