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  1. Hi! I bought the 11-inch last year when I started medical school, and honestly the size was great for me. When researching last year, I saw a lot of people saying that the extra space on the 12.9 really isn't all that worth the extra cost, and the smaller size is nice for portability and handling. Even to split screen on the 11-inch and have two apps open, you still have a pretty decent amount of space for taking notes etc. My boyfriend was also looking into an iPad for the fall, and also settled on the smaller size, even though he's planning on using it as more of a primary device for school
  2. No hidden psyc cutoff, and it's anyone's guess as to the future cutoffs- but they do stay fairly consistent year to year (enjoy speculating if you like though!)
  3. Yes! Just a print out of the results is what I used last year, and then I scanned and uploaded those to synergy! Lots of pages, bit of a pain, but gotta do what ya gotta do! Edit: Ahhh hopefully you got what you needed, I see this was posted yesterday now
  4. Yeah, I don't think we got access to Elentra until fairly close to (or right at the start of) orientation. For what it's worth, you really won't benefit from access any earlier either- they don't add you/give you access to the "courses" or like community pages I guess they're called until then anyway. They also pretty much only release stuff on like a weekly basis (except for some schedule stuff that gets released in bigger blocks for planning purposes, but it's not fully set in stone anyway)- no way to work ahead or get a head start You will get PLENTY of Elentra later on anyway- enjoy the t
  5. Yes! Medical foundations week = orientation week. O-week is basically made of two parts- one part mandatory/UME run, introducing you to more official/admin stuff related to medical school, as well as coming up with a class mission statement etc; and one part student run, that's more about meeting classmates, upper years, having fun and getting you more prepared to start classes the next week (games and socials basically)! Last year, we had mandatory stuff in the mornings, and then student run stuff in the afternoons and evenings (still super low key and leaves plenty of time for independent so
  6. I assume the incoming class was told similarly, but the last update we had was that large group (your entire class in one session) classes would still most likely be online, but that other small group learning, clinical skills, and anatomy should return to in person. From this alone, my guess is that you could be expected to be on campus at least 2-3 days weekly, if not potentially 4 days. Theoretically, things like observerships (OCLOs) will also resume, barring another big wave, which is also convenient to be in the city of your campus for if you're hoping to partake in those. A lot of
  7. Keep in mind there are several other smaller scholarships as well! My bursary was a bit lower than that, but I ended up receiving a moderately sized need-based scholarship (that I was automatically considered for with the financial aid/bursary/Schulich Scholarship application I think). I found out about that in early October I think, while I heard others found out about the Schulich Scholarship in August/early September. Feel free to DM me if you have any questions!
  8. Hi, yes sorry- to clarify- we did not find out about the Schulich Scholarship until late summer/August/September. In the first week of October I got the email saying all the Schulich Scholarships had been allocated. I got one of the other smaller scholarships a few days later, and saw the amount show up in student center relatively soon after.
  9. I found out I had an admission bursary at the end of May last year, and decisions about Schulich Scholarships went out in August/September I think, followed shortly by the other scholarships in early October
  10. Yes! Unspecified campuses are finalized after the response deadline, late May or early June! From what I've heard, you still *typically* get your first choice campus Congrats to everyone getting their acceptances today!! We can't wait to meet you! To everyone who didn't get the news they hoped for today, you are worth far more than the admission decision, and this is not the end of the road for you- take good care of yourselves.
  11. Our orientation at Western this past year started on August 24th, so I imagine Western will most likely start orientation August 23rd this year if they follow the same structure! This should be confirmed around the time admission offers go out though.
  12. To put you at ease, I didn't receive the link for my virtual interview until the afternoon before my interview last year! I assume it's a similar process this year; someone who has already interviewed this cycle could probably confirm Goodluck to everyone interviewing this weekend!
  13. Western's student portal does indeed somewhat reliably update at midnight (and the dent offers go out a few days before so you can confirm there), but unlike the above posters, OMSAS did not update for me until the real morning! No certain order between the school and OMSAS on who updates first from my pov
  14. Hello! I'm sure this will probably get shared via email or something as well, but the website is now updated and live for this cycle https://prospective.schulichmeds.com/home/
  15. The site looks to be in its annual update- one of the sublinks is to the 2021 Interview page, so this should be available soon
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