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  1. To put you at ease, I didn't receive the link for my virtual interview until the afternoon before my interview last year! I assume it's a similar process this year; someone who has already interviewed this cycle could probably confirm Goodluck to everyone interviewing this weekend!
  2. Western's student portal does indeed somewhat reliably update at midnight (and the dent offers go out a few days before so you can confirm there), but unlike the above posters, OMSAS did not update for me until the real morning! No certain order between the school and OMSAS on who updates first from my pov
  3. Hello! I'm sure this will probably get shared via email or something as well, but the website is now updated and live for this cycle https://prospective.schulichmeds.com/home/
  4. The site looks to be in its annual update- one of the sublinks is to the 2021 Interview page, so this should be available soon
  5. This is very much a black box - they have not released info about post-interview scoring. Best thing at this point is to just focus on doing well on the interview, especially since the rest is very much out of your control- no benefit to stressing about it (as difficult as it is to avoid trying to predict the outcomes!)
  6. We had the same difference last year in this prompt- I believe it's normal and intentional! It does give a bit more flexibility in how your structure your answer compared to the others but it doesn't hurt to keep a what I learned/how it will help in medicine loose structure in there. Try to answer the prompt as it is written, much like I would suggest for the other prompts!
  7. You need to check the OMSAS conversions for your school (look up OMSAS GPA conversion) and then you can calculate your OMSAS GPA based on that
  8. According to a video they gave us about our class, there were 2056 applications last cycle, 1011 had full file reviews (ie passed the academic cutoffs), 454 were interviewed, class of 171
  9. "The Year 1 and 2 Semester 1 courses will be delivered in the following format: • Large Group Sessions: These will all be virtual. There will be no in person lectures on campus for the first semester; and potentially not for the entire 2020-21 academic year. Large group sessions will be delivered virtually through either Zoom or the Blackboard Collaborate platform. Learning sessions will focus on consolidation and review of key course content. • Small Group Learning: All Integrative Small Group Learning (ISGL) and Discipline Specific Small Group (DSSG) sessions will be delivered virtua
  10. It really sort of depends on what your testable content is- I found in several of my science courses in UG where only lecture content was testable (not textbook) profs expressed that the textbook had way too much minutiae that students easily got bogged down by, so they really only recommended reading the text if you were struggling to understand a concept or to help consolidate your learning a bit, and that it really wasn't necessary otherwise. If you can, it's easier to focus the energy on just the testable content, which I've personally found is usually just the lecture material. Also
  11. Can't really say from a UofT perspective, but I had a high school teacher who knew me really well and I had been involved with on a lot of school/community events as my "community" reference, and then my other two were my research PI and my immediate research supervisor (both are profs)- I got in to Western still!
  12. Plenty of people are willing to help, but it's far easier if you ask more specific questions! How we got in is a little too broad haha... Feel free to DM me with questions though and I'd be happy to answer!
  13. Assuming by third year applicant, you mean that you just finished second year and are starting third year? If so, your expected degree end date *should you be accepted into medicine* would be the end of the 2021 school year (and you would graduate in 2021 with a three year general degree instead of a four-year honours degree in 2022). So 2021-04 makes sense
  14. https://www.cma.ca/welcome-medicine it varies school by school, but they have a list here of how each school is getting theirs
  15. Honestly it's better than it looked in the original pic for golden yellow, but I wish the straps were more grey than black (more like the dark grey on the green bags)
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