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  1. When should we apply for potential jobs for the coming year in case we don’t get accepted to med? I am thinking we should be doing this now, but would anyone really hire us contingent on acceptance result? edit: I would always disclose that I am waiting for application results
  2. Rejected (OOP) score 72.47 my interview obviously didn’t go as well as I thought! now to wait until May for other results...
  3. We need to just be patient and not bug them. It will happen when it happens.
  4. Pretty frustrating. You’d think that tech issues would have been cleared up - they would have known for almost a year that interviews would be online.
  5. This is the second of 3 waves. The next should be within the next 2 weeks (at least 2 weeks before the March 21 interview date)
  6. My understanding is they are increasing the number of interviews given out. From the website: ”The number of interviews offered in the 2020/21 application cycle will be increased by the number of students who are receiving a guaranteed interview spot”
  7. I think my CASPer was strong. I was in the top quartile for my US test (only received quartile ranking, not score) and would think that my Cdn test would be similar. For my essay, I really tied it into why the population in the area that I would be serving is of interest to me, not just what the connection was.
  8. Invite! OOP 4.0, 518 no direct connection but have lived in New England (currently doing a masters in New Hampshire)
  9. Anyone else showing that they are still waiting for test score? I know that I added Alberta a few weeks ago
  10. It should be fine, especially if in province. Nobody really knows what UAlberta is looking for, especially as they changed the application a bit this year.
  11. Just curious, for those that got an R - had you done Snapshot yet and would that be part of this?
  12. I just found on the website: “For the 2020-2021 application cycle, the MMI is in the process of being adapted to a virtual format. Details regarding the interview will be provided to applicants who receive an interview invitation.”
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