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  1. This is the second of 3 waves. The next should be within the next 2 weeks (at least 2 weeks before the March 21 interview date)
  2. My understanding is they are increasing the number of interviews given out. From the website: ”The number of interviews offered in the 2020/21 application cycle will be increased by the number of students who are receiving a guaranteed interview spot”
  3. I think my CASPer was strong. I was in the top quartile for my US test (only received quartile ranking, not score) and would think that my Cdn test would be similar. For my essay, I really tied it into why the population in the area that I would be serving is of interest to me, not just what the connection was.
  4. Invite! OOP 4.0, 518 no direct connection but have lived in New England (currently doing a masters in New Hampshire)
  5. Anyone else showing that they are still waiting for test score? I know that I added Alberta a few weeks ago
  6. It should be fine, especially if in province. Nobody really knows what UAlberta is looking for, especially as they changed the application a bit this year.
  7. Just curious, for those that got an R - had you done Snapshot yet and would that be part of this?
  8. I just found on the website: “For the 2020-2021 application cycle, the MMI is in the process of being adapted to a virtual format. Details regarding the interview will be provided to applicants who receive an interview invitation.”
  9. If in person though, anyone outside of the bubble wouldn’t be able to interview. Is that a possibility?
  10. Will interviews be in person this year? The website says yes, but what about the mandatory quarantine period?
  11. Result: Regrets GPA: 4.0 MCAT: high teens Current Degree: graduated last year Geography: IP Extra-curricular: Wide variety of volunteer including some overseas, some teaching and TA work, some hospital/clinic shadowing. Not much research though (one poster, two presentations), CASPer: Thought it was ok, but who knows I was actually pretty surprised as I got an interview last year and my application was better this year. The only thing I can think is that I don't have anything long term (longer than a year). Oh well, will try again next year.
  12. TIME STAMP: Jan 29, afternoonInterview Date: N/AResult: RegretswGPA: 4.00MCAT: 127 CARS: 518 totalECs: I thought good, but I guess not what they are looking for. Some overseas volunteering; some teaching; volunteering at a variety of non-profits (I wanted to get a feel for many, but Uof C seems to want long term?); minimal research with one paper, one poster and one presentation, exec. position on pre-med club. Some other misc. interesting experiences. Year: Graduated 2019Geography : IP
  13. I personally wouldn't think this is dishonest, depending on the work. Thinking about it a different way, if you volunteer to help with a research project outside of any school requirement would it be research or volunteer? I personally think it would be research, even though it is unpaid.
  14. I am just wondering if there are many people who get interviews at UAlberta but didn't get one in Calgary. Even though Calgary says it is transparent, I really have no idea what they might be looking for since I thought I would have had everything they were looking for. Does Alberta tend to look at the same things?
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