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  1. YES Chantal emailed offering me an acceptance at 12:01 pm yesterday (June 2nd)!!!! No words for how elated and excited I am! On another note HUGE shout out to @newmy88 and everyone else who compiled the data and made the hypothetical waitlists, they have really helped in reducing the uncertainty and the anxiety surrounding this rollercoaster of a process <3 Best of luck to everyone still waiting!!!
  2. The refresh button on my gmail tab is boutta file a harrassment report lol
  3. Congratulations!!! Do you mind posting your stats (waitlist email timestamp, GPA, acceptance timestamp, stream accepted for) if you haven't yet?
  4. Congrats! Ballzy move though lol, I hope you get it!
  5. Stream (EN/FR): ENTime You Received E-mail: 7:40"Created" Time: 7:39:31wGPA: 3.94 Good waitlist
  6. Just called the admissions office, apparently MD interviews/regrets "should be released sometime next week or the week after." Sit tight y'all
  7. Shouldn't the order be CP/CARS/BB/PS? Update the template to make it less confusing
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