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  1. Whenever I call it goes straight to voicemail.
  2. Nothing yet. A bit challenging not knowing if they've been sent out yet unless someone posts about their offer.
  3. Yeah. Have this sinking feeling that there was much less movement this year. Even though this thread isn't really representative.
  4. I mean they could be doing it differently this year so maybe we'll see more posts as the day goes on. Or offers made and waitlist movement could be different this year due to COVID19?
  5. Think so. Last year all the waitlist offers went out at the same time of day.
  6. Waitlisted. Also at 9:32 EST. Think the email was sent at the same time for everyone.
  7. Hey did anyone forget to complete the feedback survey? Have a friend who forgot and is freaking out their application will become ineligible but in the email it says the survey was anonymous so I told her its probably not an issue. Thoughts? Has anyone else dealt with this?
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