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  1. Result: Accepted Timestamp: 8:46 EST 4YRS GPA/2YRS GPA: 3.90? Not sure MCAT: 514 (129/128/129/128) MMI and Panel Interview Thoughts: Both went pretty well, mmi felt better than panel so was expecting a Waitlist. Panel Date (Saturday March 27th or Sunday March 28th): Sat Mar 27 ECs: Definitely best part of my application. Lots of research and a few first author pubs in high IF journals (6+ years), diverse work in “non-trad” fields, major awards/scholarships, professional certificates. Volunteering in areas I am passionate about. Year: Msc (lab work) done
  2. Unfortunately no one can say for sure what the cut off is but with that in mind I’d say apply. As they use a separate pool for grad applicants under the GPA cutoff you hopefully will have your file reviewed and with good ECs and LORs could get a interview. Basically if you can afford it I’d shoot your shot at Queens.
  3. I agree with IMislove. There is no way they can expect graduate students to complete their degrees on an already extremely tight timeline given this situation. What they will actually end up doing to mitigate the situation we will have to wait and see. I could see it being pushed as far as possible into the summer. Just try to do everything you can to complete graduation checklist items such as publications or required meetings via online means (at least that’s what I’m doing hahah). Feel free to PM me if you want
  4. Hi, I am in my MSc at UBC we have been asked to send our PCR reagents to a local hospital and are in the process of shutting down the lab indefinitely. I truly believe they will remove the deadline as I believe this is well out of our hands as grad students and we may not even be running experiments until end of April. I wouldn't stress about this particular deadline at this point Best of luck!
  5. Hi! I am also interested. I can do Skype or if anyone is based in the Vancouver area would love to do prep in person.
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