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  1. How early does OMSAS get updated/do you receive the official email the day after receiving the phone call?
  2. Accepted at Windsor off HWL! Call around 4:30 pm est
  3. wow it really makes no sense that people would be getting waitlist offers when unspecified people haven't heard back.. but who knows
  4. The poster is new tho, only joined the forum 2 hours ago
  5. Now I’m getting anxious.. wtf is happening
  6. Anybody tried calling the admission office yet?
  7. But practically speaking it doesn’t make sense that only one person would receive an offer off the waitlist today, especially that late in the day.
  8. Hmm maybe they switched up NW emails with HW emails? Not sure what to think at this point..
  9. Lol right i hope it gets more busy by next week when offers come Also does anyone think there’s a correlation with timestamp and waitlist ranking?
  10. Hi, just wanted to create a thread for waitlisters. Please post your waitlist (high, normal, low) as well as the time stamp of the email! Thank youu Time Stamp: 9:29 am WL Ranking (H, N, L): H Accepting Another Offer (Y/N): N
  11. I applied last year and received an NAQ of 25-50th percentile, applied again this year without adding a significant number of ECs (maybe 1/2 short term) and received an NAQ of 75-100%. There must be a mistake lol
  12. I tried contacting the AP office too and they couldn't tell me much other than the fact that the transcripts were sent. Someone on the premed **DELETED** mentioned that the AP collegeboard may not have updated the address associated with UBC to the new one they have for COVID. So I contacted UBC admissions about it but they said they have been receiving AP transcripts from other students so it probably isn't an issue. They didn't really have any other answers for me other than that I have until april 30th 2021 to complete the English prereq if the transcript doesn't come in by Dec 1.
  13. Does anyone applying to UBC still not have their AP transcript marked as received? I sent mine in early August but still says not received :/
  14. Anybody who had the button previously receive an offer to MAC on OMSAS?
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