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  1. I applied last year and received an NAQ of 25-50th percentile, applied again this year without adding a significant number of ECs (maybe 1/2 short term) and received an NAQ of 75-100%. There must be a mistake lol
  2. I tried contacting the AP office too and they couldn't tell me much other than the fact that the transcripts were sent. Someone on the premed **DELETED** mentioned that the AP collegeboard may not have updated the address associated with UBC to the new one they have for COVID. So I contacted UBC admissions about it but they said they have been receiving AP transcripts from other students so it probably isn't an issue. They didn't really have any other answers for me other than that I have until april 30th 2021 to complete the English prereq if the transcript doesn't come in by Dec 1.
  3. Does anyone applying to UBC still not have their AP transcript marked as received? I sent mine in early August but still says not received :/
  4. Anybody who had the button previously receive an offer to MAC on OMSAS?
  5. Has anybody actually emailed McMaster about the button and gotten a response? Or would they have no idea since it's OMSAS's actions
  6. Pls add my info to the spreadsheet too! Interview at mac, rejected pre-interview everywhere else (Queens, Western, Toronto) and have button GPA: 3.85 CARS: 128
  7. Anybody else at the slightly below level for both gpa and cars? (3.85 128) obviously there’s no point in speculation as the criteria hasn’t even been released yet but can’t help but worry as this is my only interview
  8. Looking for people to practice MMI with on a weekly/biweekly basis in downtown Toronto, likely on the U of T St.George campus. Let me know if you're interested!
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