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  1. UofT was my first and only interview this cycle, and I got rejected For those of you who got accepted to UofT but had been rejected post-interview previously, did you approach the application any differently the second/third time? Did you find the interviews any different the "successful" time? I am trying to come up with a game plan for the upcoming cycle, and try to see where I went wrong...
  2. Result: Rejected Timestamp: 8:54 wGPA/cGPA: wGPA: 3.94-3.96 MCAT: Above cutoffs ECs: Very diverse. Lots of research, awards, volunteering abroad... Essays: I think they were very genuine and real. I thought about them for a long time but I wrote them the night before. Interview: I felt pretty good with all 4 interviews. But after some reflection, I think my answers were more on the neutral side. In-person or Virtual: In-person Year: Finishing up MSc Geography: IP This was my first cycle, and only interview. Obviously very bummed,
  3. Is there anything you would have done differently? Or something you wish you knew as a first year med student?
  4. A glitch that applies only to students who got interviews at Mac, and accepted MD/PhD student? I really doubt it's a glitch...
  5. It was mentioned earlier that OMSAS gets updated at midnight, so I assume it wasn't an error that offers were posted already at midnight.
  6. Perhaps a silly question but do Ontario schools coordinate their offers? I remember someone mentioning it, but I can't find it...
  7. I'm in the same situation... also worried about the June 30th deadline. Currently writing my thesis and hoping to submit in the next few weeks. But things have been moving sooooo slow. Can't wait for May 12th to come, but then I realize I have so much to do by then, that I need time to slow down haha
  8. Do you guys think uoft will be flexible with the graduate degree completion date given the current circumstances? By talking to some other graduate students on interview day, it seems that many of the students (including me) are stressed about the June 30 deadline. And now with schools shutting down, so many things are getting delayed...
  9. TIME STAMP: Feb 4, 11:41AM Interview Date (MD or MD/PhD): March 1st MD Result: Invite cGPA/wGPA: 3.79 cGPA / wGPA 3.94-3.96 MCAT: 507 (meh) ECs: Lots of research, awards and scholarships. Some international volunteering, volunteering in a hospital, some involvement on campus, TAing, tutoring, mentoring. Basically made sure to fill out all 32 entries in the ABS. Essays: Thought about them for a long time. Ended up writing them the day before the application was due. Year: 2nd year of MSc Geography: IP I am shocked.
  10. Status: Rejection Time Stamp: 03/02/2020 - 12:36 PM Location: IP Stream: English MCAT: 507, 125 in CARS cGPA/2yr GPA: 3.79/3.81 Current year: 2nd year of MSc ECs: Lots of research, many awards, conferences, presentations. Some international volunteering, work with kids, mentoring and hospital volunteering. Not a typical pre-med student. Wasn't expecting to get this anyway. Good luck to everyone!
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