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  1. I sent an email about an hour ago and they replied at 5pm saying “You should be receiving the link at some point today, please keep checking your email regularly and we thank you for your patience in advanced”
  2. Has anyone gotten confirmation that it’ll be live?
  3. I thought western doesn’t do roleplay scenarios?
  4. I called them about this and they said you don’t have to use one but they recommend using either a headset or even just earphones w a mic so that they can hear you better
  5. They did receive it through email cause my NDA had a problem (date wasn’t showing up properly) and they emailed me back to fix it. I think they just might not be sending a confirmation email about receiving the documents. It is weird that we haven’t received any new information about the virtual interview
  6. Do you guys think Western might outright cancel interviews? Queens' email was pretty definite about having the interviews online but Western basically said it's subject to change as they monitor what's going on. Just wondering if we might get to a point where doctors can't be spared to take time off to interview us when they could be helping people in hospitals
  7. Would this mean that they’d take half the class from the first weekend and the second half from the second? Seems unfair to have two totally different interview types and to evaluate them as equal? In my opinion, it’s much easier to form a personable impression on someone in person without a barrier that is very much there in a virtual interview
  8. I don’t think the schools that already had an interview weekend would make the switch cause that would be an unfair advantage for the people who interviewed on the first weekend. UofA haven’t had any interviews so it makes sense for them to make the switch.
  9. The thing is that we don't really know how Western weighs everyone's stats/ABS post interview. I know someone who got a straight acceptance with 3.7ish gpa and a much lower mcat than you. For all we know, they might just be using the stats as cut off. The last solid information we have is 10 years ago when they weighed it 50% interview 25% gpa and 25% mcat. With the ABS, that definitely has changed. How did your interview go last year? With SWOMEN status, you have a bigger chance post-interview than you think so maybe your interview just didn't go as well as you hoped? I think the best t
  10. I just called the admissions office and they said there won’t be a written portion this year
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