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  1. AHHH no I just mixed up my order, it's been a while since I wrote the MCAT! I had a 130 in CARS, the 125 was C/P.
  2. Invite/Rejection: Invite (second time around, fingers crossed this time I get in!) Time Stamp: 11:10 AM EST wGPA: 3.75 Current year: Post grad MCAT: 130/130/125/131 ECs: Full time job in federal government (Health related field) since graduation (~3 years), many years of long term volunteering in various areas, 3 black belts, academic and work related awards. Casper and Snapshot: Thought I did horribly on Casper since I was so sleep deprived, didn't do the snapshot. Didn't get invited to interview at McMaster but honestly my GPA just isn't up to muster
  3. I got an interview with a CP score of 125 this year. I can't imagine it will raise to 127 next year (fingers crossed it won't be upped to 126, either...).
  4. Rejected. Had online panel. Feel so lost right now, I thought I had at least waitlist in the bag and performed really well at the interview... Once I pick myself up off the floor I'll have to start considering next steps..
  5. Why last 30? Are all results to be communicated by 9AM EST?
  6. Interviewed at Queen's, button has appeared after midnight.
  7. Only had a Queen's interview (and made it to the online panel; feeling very good about it). No button for me.
  8. Nothing scientific about that poll, then. I think the only thing we know at this point is that the stress is getting to all of us as May 12th approaches lol.
  9. I'm sorry to hear you didn't get invited to a panel interview. Thank you for sharing this info with us, and best of luck to you as well if you're waiting in other schools this cycle!
  10. My panel was very warm, lots of smiling, quite friendly -- definitely goes to show different examiner styles! They were warm right as they introduced themselves.
  11. To play devil's advocate, maybe people active on premed101 are more likely to have gotten a first round interview. Speculation can be fun, but regardless of whether we interviewed in person or online -- barring those who were rejected before the panel -- we're all stuck in the same boat waiting for May 12th to roll around to find out our status.
  12. That was my interpretation of the email, but honestly, I'd rather not get my hopes up by assuming this. I think it's best to just focus on rocking the panel and hope it leads to an offer come May. @MedGoldfish, no one knows anything and we're all still in the same boat of having to wait for an answer til May (other than those of us who didn't get panel invites). Don't stress it too much! To answer your question, I was confident coming out of the MMI, but then fell into a self-doubt spiral worrying that I didn't actually do well lol.
  13. Thank you for confirming this. I'm sorry to hear you weren't successful at Queen's this cycle, but I wish you all the best if you're waiting on other schools, or on your future application cycles!
  14. Just got the corrected time for mine! I assume everyone will be getting theirs shortly as well. Congrats y'all!!!! I'm honestly so stoked for everyone here!
  15. I didn't think they were sending out rejections -- I thought everyone was going to be put on a ranked waitlist if they didn't get offered an interview during the first wave. Can anyone confirm? Best of luck to everyone interviewing or on the waitlist! My fingers are crossed for you all!
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